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DT inspiration – old and new

As the year comes to a close, today we have a collection of wonderful inspiration for you from our team. Here they have used a variety of our flowers and papers and makes a lovely showcase of the flowers that MHC have released this year, from both our first Spring Collection and the Summer Collection this November.

We start with a layout from NERRIDA using some of her favourites – The Tropics ‘Resort’ flowers.

Layout by Nerrida Mitchell.

Products used: The Tropics – Resort, Fantasy – Magic, Magestic – Gemma, Velvetines – white.

* * * *

How delicious does this cake from YUKIKO look?

Cake by Yukiko Ochi.

Products used:  Ballroom – Waltz, Cutie pies – Cream, Cottage Garden – Picket fence, Enchanted – Little Princess. The ScrapCake paper – The Bright Side of Life.

* * * *

Jeni’s daughter apparently loves dresses, and we love her use of purple!

Layout by Jeni O’Connor.

Products used: Country Lane – purple, Fantasy – Magic, Cutie Pies – violet,  Rose leaves.

* * * *

A wonderful wintery layout from LENE. Don’t you love the sparkley gemstones?

Layout by Lene Neby.

Products used:  Fairy Floss – soft blue, Blossoms – Esperance, Silver Bells.

* * * *

A ‘bootiful’ layout from Morag – cute huh? And we love those flower centres.

Layout by Morag Cutts.

Products used: Blossoms – Airlie, Esperance & Avoca. 

* * * *

And least but ceratinly not least, our card-amker LINDA has created this layout of her daughter.

Layout by Linda Langes.

Products used: Country Lane – Quaint, Cutei Pies – lime, cream & violet, Taneisha, Fairy Floss – soft blue.

* * * *

We hope you enjoyed this showcase of old and new as much as we loved bringing it to you.

Did you have a Cozy Christmas?

Wow, Christmas is over, and how quickly it comes and goes!  So now the time to get those photos done and start making memories. What would be more perfect than the Cozy Christmas papers from The ScrapCake? Here’s what some of our DT girls have done with them and of course, they have used our Manor House flowers as well, and how divine do these look?

A humorous layout by RIA – who else has photos like these?

Layout by Ria Mojica.

Products used: 

* * * *

Next a fabulous layout from Monika.

Layout by Monika Martinson.

Products used: Magestic – Alissa, Nikita (WV), Wishes – Hope, Taneisha, Fairy Floss – soft pink, Springtime -pink. 

* * * *

A shimmery shiny card for Linda that could be Christmas or not?

Have a lovely day card by Linda Langes.

Products used: Sugar & Spice, Velvetines – red, The ScrapCake – Cozy Christmas papers.

* * * *

 A beautiful gift box by GERRY.

Products used: Wild Rose, Cottage Garden – Fragrance,  Country Lane – Quaint. The ScrapCake – Cozy Christmas papers.

* * * *

So, its holiday time, and for me, a great time to start scrapping those wonderful holiday memories. We hope we have inspired you to give Cozy Christmas and some Manor House flowers a try.

A ScrapCake Showcase of talent.

Hi everyone!

We just wanted share some projects with you. As some of you know, KAROLA WITCZAK has created some truly beautiful collections for The ScrapCake this year and we are constantly blown away by her work. Also we are privileged to have GERRY VAN GENT accept a position as a ‘Lady of the House’ for MHC this year and NERRIDA MITCHELLwho also designs for The ScrapCake. These talents combined just leave our jaws on the ground sometimes with their beautiful and eye-catching creations.  I just had to share some of their new projects with you, as they have  included MHC flowers as part of the showcase of their amazing work. Please sit back and enjoy these. You’ll be as amazed and inspired as we are, I am sure!

Layout by Karola Witczak.

Products used: The ScrapCake – The Bright Side of Life papers. MHC flowers: Sugar & Spice – blue, Cottage Garden – picket fence, Cutie Pies – cream.


Layout by Gerry Van Gent.

Products used: The ScrapCake: The Bright Side of Life papers. MHC flowers: Country Lane – Quaint, Wishes – serenity, Plain Janes.

And another from Gerry. A stunning canvas…

Canvas by Gerry Van Gent.

Products used: MHC flowers – Grandma’s garden – handkerchief, Taneisha, Tiana Wishes – Serenity, Country Lane – Quaint.

* * *

A ‘Santa’s Castle’ made by NERRIDA using the Cozy Christmas papers.

Santas Castle Drawers by Nerrida Mitchell.

 Products used: The ScrapCake papers – Cozy Christmas. MHC flowers: Silver bells, Cutie pies – cream, Tiny Rose leaves.

* * * *

Stayed tuned as soon we will have even more amazing creations to show you from Karola!

Video class – Christmas tree with Rae Cooper

Getting into the Christmas spirit?  Rae has made this beautiful instructional video showing you how to make this shimmery white Christmas tree which would be a real eye-catcher sitting on your table or mantle piece. It so quick and easy too.


Gift bag step x step from Lene.

Are you stressing over last minute gifts for some loved ones?  Lene has created this quick and easy birthday gift bag which could be easily adapted to a Christmas gift, filled with sweets or chocolates – always brings a smile to someone’s face.

1. You start with a small brown paper bag and some patterned paper.

2. Glue on the patterned paper to the brown bag and add half a paper doilie.

3. I love this little white fence, so I choose to use one on the bag.

4. Add on some flowers – I just love these!

5. Here I have used some journaling pieces and written something on them.

6. Make some holes on the top and use a beautiful ribbon to make it perfect. The giftbag is ready !

A Christmas home – DT inspiration

Hi again, everyone! Are you getting excited (or exhausted) by the frenzy of gift purchasing, shopping, preparing for Christmas?  I know sometimes I get a bit frazzled by everything that needs to be done in order for everything to go smoothly.  Maybe it time to get some ‘me’ time and be a little creative. Once again, some of  DT girls have provided us with some amazing inspiration for decorating our homes for Christmas.

Angel by Joanne Bain.

Products used: Prior rose – Chocolate Brown oak leaves.


Dream catcher by Yukiko Ochi.

Products used: Cutie Pies – violet, Fairy Floss – soft blue.

Happy Holiday home decor by Jeni O’Connor.

Products used: Shimmers, Cutie pies – lime, Country lane – green, Wishes – Hope, Green oak leaves.

Stayed tuned for more Christmas inspiration coming very soon!

Holiday Magic by Jeni O’Connor

We all know the wonderful talents of Jeni O’Connor and yet again she has stunned us with her creative ‘Holiday Magic’ project.

Holiday magic by Jeni O’Connor.

Products used: Wishes – Serenity &  Hope, Chiffons, Cutie pies – teal, Taneisha.

If you’re as inspired as we are by Jeni’s beautiful creations, please show us your own creation by sending your work to


In our latest range we have introduced a selection of white or cream mulberry paper flowers, which are totally perfect for colouring, and we have called them…COLOUR-ME’s.  You can do SO much with these…take alook at what our DT girls have come up with.

 Layout by Melinda Thompson.

Here’s some of the products Melinda used to colour her flowers – aren’t they just amazing! And she’s even altered the rose leaves – don’t they look do glamorous and Christmassy.

Products used: Plain Janes, Tiana, Grandma’s Garden – Antique, Fairy Floss, Rose leaves.

This next layout is from Rae. She sprayed her flowers with mist and turned white to luscious rich red – perfect for this Christmas layout.

Layout by Rae Cooper.

Products used: The Tropics – By the pool, Brown oak leaves.

And here we have a layout by Ria in her pretty style.  Ria has also used mists to change her flowers to suit the page – misting is just so quick and easy.

Layout by Ria Mojica.

Products used: Romance – Devoted, Plain Janes, Sugar & Spice – cream, Cutie Pies – mandarin, Rose leaves.

* * * *

We really hope you love our ‘Colour me-s’ which include all of these flowers.

But really, you can alter any of our flowers as many of them are made from mulberry paper and many of the fabric ones are also able to take mists, sprays and paints of all kinds. Why not have some fun and experiment with yours?

Don’t forget to send us your layouts to

Cozy Christmas – DT inspiration

Some varied and wonderful projects have been created by our DT team once again using the beautiful COZY CHRISTMAS collection from The Scrapcake.  Soak up these for some inspiration.


Layout by Melinda Thompson.

Products used: Sweet scent, Balroom – Waltz, Frosted wild rose, Grandma’s Garden – Antique.

Layout by Delaina Burns.

Products used: Marguerite – mocha, Christmas star – snow, Shimmers – snow, Romance – Devoted, Fairy Floss – soft pink.

Layout by Morag Cutts.

Products used: Shimmers – snow, Blossoms – Esperance, Plain Jane.

Don’t these just get you feeling all ‘Chrismassy’.

Flowers for the Children

We are so pleased to be associated with and supporting World Vision Australia with our fundraising effort, raising money for the victims of the African drought.  While children are starving and dying at a rapid rate, we are doing our best to help with monthly donations to the appeal and we are thrilled to announce, that thanks to public support, we have made our very first donation – a whopping $975!

Our DT girls have been busy as always, using these fabulous flowers from the ‘Flowers for the Children’ range. These are the packs that we promise to give a minimum 15% of all sales to World Vision. Please continue your support by stocking them in your store or encouraging your local store to stock them.

Layout by Melinda Thompson

Products used: World Vision Flowers:Finesse, Beauty & Cutie Pies – teal, also Wishes – Peace, Light green Oak leaves & Tiana.

 Christmas Gift by Jeni O’Connor

Products used: Nikita, Finesse, The Tropics – Dusk.

Layout by Lene Neby

Products used: Kyeesha, Cutie Pies – tangerine.

Layout by Monika Martinson.

Products used: Finesse, Beauty, Cutie Pies – lime, small leaves.


Layout by Nerrida Mitchell.

Products used: Taneisha, Naomi, Finesse, Beauty, Blossoms – Esperance, Cutie Pies – pink, Frosted Wild orchid, Fairy Floss – lemon, small leaves.

 Card by Linda Langes.

Products used: Taneisha, Cutie Pies – cream, small leaves.



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