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Mixed media and flowers

Adding mixed media to our scrapbooking projects enables each project to take on a life of its own.

For those of you asking ‘what is mixed media?’, the fact is, you have probably been creating mixed media projects already, without even knowing it actually has a name. Mixed media simply means,  adding other products or mediums, such as paint, ink, fabric, metal, chalk, texture paste, or pretty much any other artistic medium, to your creations.

* * *

Lene’s layout shows various ways to add ink to your background paper. She has also added some texture paste, and string to her layout and then – our favourite bit, she has altered the flower with inks and sprays.

Lene has sprayed several coloured inks to her background paper, the ink drops are achieved by simply dropping the ink directly from the straw of the spray nozzle.

Layout ‘Today’ by Lene Neby

MHC Products used: Idyllic – oatmeal, Cutie pies.

* * *

Nerrida has done 2 projects – the first a layout where she has incorporated just a little texture paste by scraping it across the surface of a chipboard brick wall. Once dry, she has then added some grungey-looking brown ink to it. You may notice she’s also sprayed the background cardstock with mist.

 The flower from the Winters Song collection, has been altered using some Shimmerz ‘Gold Digger’  Enamelz. You just paint the flowers with dabs of paint and then sprinkle it on.

The smaller flowers has also been painted with Shimmerz and she has mixed the gold Enamelz in with the paint for a very shimmery effect.

* * *

This next project from Nerrida is of two little 3″ canvases. Her daughter wanted some purple in her new bedroom, so this was Nerrida’s way of incorporating just a little punch of colour.

This first easel has a layer of texture paste, again used with the brick wall chipboard, then while still wet, she has sprinkled it with The Shimmerz gold Enamelz.  Shimmerz Blingz paint has then been scraped around the edges of the canvas with her finger.

The purple flower has been misted with Shimmerz mist and the pink flower partially painted with pink Glimmer Glam. The Petite rose inked with a little purple.

Very cleverly, Nerrida has then used the chipboard wall that she scrapped the texture paste along, as an embellishment for the next easel.  Again the pink flower is Glimmer Glam-ed and the other flower misted with 2 different sprays – Mon Shari & Bed of Roses.

Altered canvas easels by Nerrida Mitchell.

Products used: Kyeesha, Winters song – Embers, Idyllic – pink & white, Petite roses – marshmellow and soft pink.

* * *

Why not have a go yourself, and email us your creations using Mixed media and our flowers at

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  1. Beautiful work by some incredibly talented ladies! Wow!

  2. Beautiful work Nerrida! Oooh these flowers are soooo yummy!!


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