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Video Class with Tiffany Morgan

Today we are going to share a fun project with you from Tiffany Morgan.

One of our talented ‘Lady of the House’ Educators.

We hope you enjoy Tiffany’s video showing how to create a couple gorgeous headbands. You can make these headbands any size and with any of your favorite MHC flowers.

Sit back and watch how to create this headband.

Here is a picture of the other headband.

MHC flowers used: Lotus – Timeless, and Powder Puff – Citrus

We hope you enjoyed TIffany’s video. We hope she has inspired you to have a go at creating your own gorgeous headbands.

Gift ideas to inspire

 Well, Christmas is over for yet another year, but, if you are like me, it just seems to come around again way too fast. I have grand plans of making hand made cards and gifts for all my family members,but, time always runs out, and I never end up doing half of what I planned to do. So, my plan is to start now, surely if I start in January, I can get them finished by December right?. So, here are just a few more wonderful ideas from our design team girls, both for Christmas, and other occasions, in the hopes that I can get myself, and you guys motivated to start creating some beautiful handmade cards,and gifts, all ready for next year.

* * *

Karola truly is a genius when it comes to making stunning tags. And, its not too late to create some of these adorable tags, designed the welcome in the new year.




Tag by Karola Witzcak

MHC Products used: Christmas star.




Tag by Karola Witzcak

MHC Products used: Capri – blue



Card by Karloa Witzcak

MHC Products used: Capri – blue



Card by Karloa Witzcak

MHC Products used: Capri – blue, Glitter roses – white.

* * *

Next, are 2 lovely gift ideas from Nancy. First, a lovely picture frame, perfect for a special little girl

nancy baby girl frame



Baby frame by Nancy Winter

MHC Products used: Mayglo – pink, Iris – green, Springtime – lavender

* * *

And then this oh so pretty baby card, also from Nancy

nancy baby card



Card by Nancy Winter

MHC Products used: Mayglo – pink, Iris – green

* * *

And, lastly, we have a truly beautiful Christmas wreath to share with you, created by the amazingly talented Elena Olinevich. This wreath is a masterpiece,


Elena decor wreathe 2

Elena shares some of her tips for making this wonderful wreath, ‘ I covered the wreath by wrapping some linen around a chipboard shape, I made some canvas bows, and gessoed randomly over them. I also misted the wreath with some starbust mist, which has added a pretty shimmer to it. I finished off by adding some festive, silver balls.’

Elena decor wreathe 1

Christmas wreath by Elena Olinevich

MHC Products used: Christmas star – Snow, Ashlee- Blue, Ashlee – White, Solitude

* * *

Altered lantern with Joanne Bain

Hello lovely scrappy friends. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and enyoyed the time with your family and friends.

We have something very special to show you today. Joanne Bain has weaved her magic, and created this totally adoarable altered lantern, full of Manor House Creations flowers.

* * *

JO- altered lantern

Jo shares her ideas, and inspiration ‘I am always on the look out when we go to the markets for different things for me to alter. Quiet a while ago I found this lantern and I knew it was something I would love to do, so I brought it and it has sat on my bookcase ever since….until now.

 Because it closes completely and has quiet a large door I knew I would be able to work on the inside of it as well as the outside. Inside I placed a small twiddleybitz birdcage which I added vines and flowers to and then inside of the cage are small passport photos of my special little man, he is my baby and will always hold the keys to my heart. I have added keys and a small heart trinket which I found in a cheap jewellery shop  to the locking piece of the lantern,  they were the perfect size for this.


 Because of this lantern being dedicated to my little man I wanted to use more neutral tonings. The Winters Song – Log Cabin brown flowers were the perfect starting point. As these have some silvery glittered stamen centres the new Glitter Mini Roses coordinated perfectly with them. I scraped a lot of the gold glitter away from the petals of the roses leaving just a hint and then opened the roses up for a fuller flower. I had some the vines already but added more of the MHC small light green leaves to it to make it a little more bushy.


 I like to add rub ons to my creations when I can, so to do this I simply apply them to clear acetate and cut to the size I require. I have placed my rub on into the middle the vine and have attached with a dob of glue and placed a butterfly over the top so the glue cannot be seen.  Quick and simple yet very affective and also allows my to give my lantern a title and meaning’.



‘The keys to my heart’ by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Glitter Mini Roses – caramel, red & white, Leaves – light green (small) & Winters Song – Log Cabin.

* * *

Thank you so much Jo, for sharing this delightful creation.

You’ve been spotted

Hi, and welcome once again to one of our favourite blog posts of the month. It’s the time we get to share with everyone some of the amazing talent out there in cyber land. We search the internet, looking for the most gorgeous layouts, created using Manor House Creations flowers. We are constantly surprised by the amount of talented scrapbookers, and card makers out there. And, below, are just a few of the wonderful creations we came accross.

2012-2013 - layout - Pickled Pear - michelle frisby

Layout by Michelle Frisby

* * *


Layout by Kelly Foster

* * *

Keren Tamir 2

Layout by Keren Tamir

* * *

Laura Gilhuly

Layout by Laura Gilhuly

* * *

Romy Veul

Layout by Romy Veul

* * *

Sandrine Dawes #2

Layout by Sandrine Dawes

* * *

Keren Tamir

Layout by Keren Tamir

* * *

Sandrine Dawes

Layout by Sandrine Dawes

* * *

Sandie Edwards

Layout by Sandie Edwards

* * *

We would like to thank these talented artists for allowing us to share their beautiful work with you. and please take a minute to visit their blogs for even more detail and inspiration.

If you would like us to feature your work here on our blog, please forward your layouts to

Altered Christmas Tree with Melinda Thompson

Posted on

Hello everyone,

Well it’s not long now before the jolly man in red turns up, I hope you are all organised!! This year is my first year that I am hosting a family Christmas at our house.  In previous years because we live the furthest, we always did the travelling but not this time…they are all coming our way.  So I wanted to create something special for my table centrepeice…..a little mini Christmas Tree! Isn’t it gorgeous! I had so much fun creating this and looks really magical with all the MH blooms!


Step 1 – First of all I found this funky metal Christmas tree at one of those cheap stores. This is what it originally looked like.  All the mesh and wire was perfect for adhering the flowers and other bits and pieces.


Step 2 – Randomly apply gesso over the metal areas quite thickly with a paintbrush.


Step 3 – For extra texture and interest add some texture paste and sprinkle some Shimmerz Enamalz.


Step 4 – Add ripped/distressed bandage gauze on the metal leaves….


Step 5 – Gather all your MH flowers in various colours, shapes and sizes and using strong glue, adhere them to the metal branches.



I have altered some of these flowers…these grey flowers were originally white, misted with TA glimmermist in Graphite and then to tone it down I lightly sprayed over the top with some Mr Heuy’s White Mist from Studio Calico.


Hope you enjoyed this really quick and easy altered Christmas Tree. I can’t wait to set up my table for Christmas lunch!

Thank you for all your support and the encouraging comments you have left me in the last 12 months…wishing you and your families a very safe and happy Christmas! Looking forward to a great 2013!

illustration_Vintage Roses PMS 4625 C


Products Used: Capri – White/Sliver, Dahlia – Blue, Glitter Mini Roses – White (misted aqua), Springtime – White (misted grey), Wild Green Rose, Jubilee – White (misted aqua), Grandmas Handkerchief – White (misted aqua)

Gift giving the Manor House Creations way

Hi, here we are again, with a few last minute Christmas gift, and decoration ideas. Even if you dont have any more time left this year to create these, they are wonderful ideas, and well worth planning to do next year.

* * *

Firstly, Karola has made this wonderful Christmas wreath.


Karola shares her ideas for creating this wreath:  I was tired of using traditional Christmas colours on my Christmas wreath’s, so, I decided to go with this unusual, but, I think, very effective colour combination.  I chose  Capri – Orchid and Lullaby- White flowers as well as kilometers of beige ribbon and a few die-cut elements which I cut out using my die-cutting machine and snowflake/ winter branch dies. I stuck everything using my hot glue gun and 3d foam tape on my small styrofoam wreath. To create a lighter,  and more decorative look I also used big paper doily to create a kind of background for my wreath.



Christmas wreath by Karola Witzcak

MHC Producrs used: Capri – Orchid, Lullaby- White, Glitter mini roses – Caramel

* * *

And, yet, another stunning Christmas wreath from Erin, who has chosen a more traditional, but no less gorgeous colour combination.




Christmas wreath by Erin Blegen

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses- red, Glitter mini roses- white, Capri- gold, Meadows- white, Springtime- white

* * *

Nancy has this wonderful gift idea to share. She has created an adorable ‘Santa baby’ mini album. Nancy says: I have used a rectangular, wooden album, with the song lyrics of “Santa Baby” throughout the album.  It ends with 10 extravagant wishes of my very own

nancy santa baby album

Wouldnt this album make a cherished gift, for a Grandparent, or Aunt or Uncle, full of precious baby photos. Or, you could even leave the album blank, ready for the lucky recipient to add their own photos to it.





‘Santa baby’ album by Nancy Winter

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses – red,  Capri – gold.

* * *

Karola, once again, blows us away with her amazing talent. This time with this wonderful ‘Christmas house’.



Heres what Karola has to say about creating her Christmas house ‘When I saw this small, wooden house, which was originally a key hanger,  I decided to create a cute, Christmas house. I covered the house shape using patterned papers then went searching for just the right flowers to decorate it. It was an easy decision to make, the Glitter mini roses, in red, white and caramel were perfect. I also used a large white Lotus flower to create a focal point on the roof. The center of the flower I covered by small circle die-cut to give it contrast, then added a chipboard snowflake to the bottom to finish.’



Christmas house by Karola Witzcak

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses – red, white, caramel, Lotus – white.

* * *

Lastly, Karola shares with us a few more of her divine Christmas tags she is so renowned for. These ones are amazing, just look




Tags by Karola Witzcak

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses – white, red, caramel, Capri – white/silver, Fantasy – moonlight, Silver bells.

* * *

 Well, thats all we have for you today, we hope we have inspired you to have a go at creating some wonderful, handmade gifts for your loved ones.

Designer inspiration

Our designers were given free reign, to create anything they like for todays feature. We love to do this, as we find it definitely shows the designers at their best, which, looking below, Im sure you will agree.

* * *

Firstly, we have a wonderful  layout from Elena, starring her adoarable little girl. Elena has used lots of layers,ink, paint and all things gorgeous, to create her beatiful page.





Layout by Elena Olinevich

MHC Products used: Powder Puff – Citrus Mix, Poetry – Sage, Dahlia – white, Apple blossoms, Wishes – blue, The Scrap Cake papers – Seet Chidhood collection.

* * *

Could this photo be any cuter?. This adorable little face belongs to Erin Blegen’s daughter.  And Erin, once again has weaved her magic, to create this stunning layout





Layout by Erin Blegen

MHC Products used: Powder Puff- lychee, Iris- sherbet, Capri- gold, Glitter mini roses- pink, Springtime- white.

* * *

And another adorable little face, scrapped perfectly by Alicia

Alicia Barry-Spring Collection- One FIne Day

Alicia Barry-Spring Collection- One FIne Day close up 1

Alicia Barry-Spring Collection- One FIne Day close up 2

Layout by Alicia Barry

MHC Products used:  Fantasy – moonlight, Rue – white, Mayglo – pink, Celeste – white, Mayglo -green, glitter mini roses – pink, Springtime – white, leaves.

* * *

Thanks so much for calling in, and be sure to call in again tomorrow, for a few more, last minute Christmas ideas.


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