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Australia day blog hop WINNERS!

Hi everyone! What a fantastic blog hop we had – so much eye candy and we had some amazing feedback from everyone, not to mention the insight we got into what YOU, our fans and customers love the most….

SO here’s our winners (and I might add it was getting hard to pick only 2!)


Chantal Vanderberg

Here’s what Chantal said:

“Hi!  I would probably like one style of flower in different colours in the one pack! :D “

* * *

Next winner…


Here’s Lori’s comment:

“I’d love different flowers that coordinate…honestly that set in the front of your prize back looks beautiful to me.  Your flowers are lovely and thank you so much for the chance to win.  I’ve loved learning more about Aussie companies on the blog hop.”

* * *

SO please email us with your postal address ladies and we’ll get those gorgeous packs out to you very soon.

prize pack

And a big THANKYOU THANKYOU to everyone who took time to comment or email us with their input – we are listening!

You’ve been spotted

 Hello to everyone! We are amazed at how often we are seeing Manor House Creations flowers out there. Its getting harder and harder to choose which projects to feature, as they are all so wonderful, we wish we could show all of them, but unfortunately, thats just not possible. But we do have alot to show you today, just take a look at these.

Beverly Sams

Beverly Sams

* * *

Camilla Ekman for C'est Magnifuque

Camilla Ekman for C’est Magnifique

* * *

Cathi O'Neill

Kathi O Niell

* * *

Francine Evans

Francine Evans

* * *


Camilla Ekman

* * *

Hilary Nocholas

Hilary Nicholas

* * *

Keren Tamir

Keren Tamir

* * *

Nadia Canizzo

Nadia Canizzo

* * *


Keren Tamir

* * *

peaches  get real name


* * *



* * *

We would like to thank these talented artists for allowing us to share their beautiful work with you. and please take a minute to visit their blogs for even more detail and inspiration.

If you would like us to feature your work here on our blog, please forward your layouts to

Aussie Blog hop!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Scrapbooking Memories Aussie blog hop!


We are celebrating Australia day and some of our Aussie scrapbooking companies along with Scrapbooking Memories.

* * *

You should have just arrived from Purple Pumpkin and two lucky visitors today will win a prize pack, just for dropping by and showing their support.  All you have to do is answer this question:

Q: Tell us what you prefer – if you were to buy a pack of 6 flowers, do you like 6 different flowers and colours in the pack OR 1 style of flower in 1 or 2 colours? Don’t like either of those…tell us what you do like!

Answer this question in a comment or email ( and be in the running to …

win this!

prize pack

OK, so if you’ve left your comment, you should now head on over to the next Aussie blog:


 Winners will be announced on Tuesday 29th, 2013.

Thanks for stopping by…. and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

Aussie Blog hop!

Hi everyone ..look what’s on tomorrow!


We are celebrating Australia day and some of our Aussie scrapbooking companies along with Scrapbooking Memories.

* * *

A GIVEAWAY PRIZE PACK will be up for grabs…join us at 12 noon (EST).

Designer spotlight – Linda Langes

Today, we have some wonderful creations from the amazingly talented Linda Langes. Linda is one of our card-making specialists.

* * *

Linda tells us a little about her style, and the inspiration behind her gorgeous projects  ‘I love lots of layers and pretty things – flowers, ribbons, bling,
glitter and swirls to name a few. My projects for this month were created with
a purpose – the “S” box I filled with goodies for my sister who hosted
Christmas this year and the Tussie Mussie I will fill with chocolates for my
daughter for Valentine’s Day. No matter what I create or what techniques I play
with I can’t help but keep things fairly neat and tidy – that’s my “default”
setting, shall we say lol.

Linda-Free Choice-S Box

Linda-Free Choice-S Boxfront view

Linda-Free Choice-S Box top view

Linda-Free Choice-S Box sideview

‘S box’ Gift box

MHC products used: Fascinating, Solitude, Glitter mini roses.

* * *

I made this cute tussie mussie to fill with chocolates, to give to my daughter for Valentines day

Linda-JanFreeChoice3-Tussie Mussie

Linda-Tussie Mussie-1

Linda-Tussie Mussie-3

Linda-Tussie Mussie-4

‘Tussie mussie’

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses, Capri roses, Fascinating, Ruffles, Powder puff – melon & watermelon.

* * *

Linda-Free Choice-Excel card

Linda-FrCh-Excel close up1

Linda-FrCh-Excel close up2

‘Today is the day’ Card.

Products used: Dahlia – blue, Wild orchid – green, Hayley – yellow.

* * *

Designer Spotlight – Trudi Harrison

Trudi shares a little about her style of scrapping:

I perhaps don’t like to think of myself actually ‘locked’ into a specific style of scrapping.  I like to take inspiration from the photos and the products that I am working work.  I would  however, describe consistent characteristics of my creations as structured with lots of layering, paper cutting, detail, dimension, and sometimes it can be quite ‘feminine’.  I confess to loving color.  As the saying goes, it does indeed ‘color my world’.  However, I will also find just as much enjoyment with the softer tones.    I absolutely adore pretty blooms, chipboard and floral patterns.  I rather enjoy combining these with my other love of patterned paper. Many of my creations will feature these.  This is perhaps when I am at my happiest, combining these ‘loves’ along with lots of paper cutting, layers and dimension. 

MHC Layout 'Happiness' byTrudi Harrison

I am particularly drawn to blue/green tonings.  Here I altered a few Petite Roses and Winter’s Song Mittens with Turquoise Blue glimmer mist to coordinate with the background work.  A splash of bold scarlet and happy yellow was also added to the arrangement. The Ballroom bloom creates a stunning focal point.

MHC Layout 'Happiness' Detail 3 byTrudi Harrison

MHC Layout 'Happiness' Detail 2 byTrudi Harrison

MHC Layout 'Happiness' Detail 1 byTrudi Harrison

Layout – Happiness by Trudi Harrison

 MHC Products: Petite Roses – White & Scarlet, Winter’s Song- Mittens (White), Sprinkles – Yellow, Ballroom – Scarlet


MHC Layout 'LOVE' by Trudi Harrison


This picture of my Miss N was captured recently over the festive holiday period.  I have gone for more of ‘white washed’ effect  to suit the old farm shed door in the background of the photo.

MHC Layout 'LOVE' Detail 3 by Trudi Harrison

MHC Layout 'LOVE' Detail 1 by Trudi Harrison

MHC Layout 'LOVE' Detail 2 by Trudi Harrison

Layout – Love by Trudi Harrison

 MHC Products: Ashlee- Blue, Capri – Aqua & White/Silver, Ruffles – Merry, Solitude-White,  Imagine – Blueberry


MHC Layout 'Fairy Princess' by Trudi Harrison


Something girly and feminine for my ‘Fairy Princess’.  A large floral cluster was created with a larger pink Ballroom bloom and a few Celeste flowers and glitter roses.

MHC Layout 'Fairy Princess' Detail 1 by Trudi Harrison

MHC Layout 'Fairy Princess' Detail 3 by Trudi Harrison

MHC Layout 'Fairy Princess' Detail 2 by Trudi Harrison

Layout – Fairy Princess by Trudi Harrison

 MHC Products: Celeste – Pink, Glitter Roses – Pink & Red, Ballroom – Pink, Petite Roses – Marshmellow, Blossoms – White

Designer spotlight – Melinda Thompson

Hello, so glad you could join us for yet another design team feature, this time, we are showcasing some of MELINDA THOMPSON’S amazing work.

* * *

‘Hi my name is Melinda Thompson but most people in the scrapbooking world know me as Min. I have been married to my wonderful husband Brad of 12 years and we have two adorable boys, Riley 5 years, Finlay 4 years who are my constant source of inspiration. We live in a growing country town called Emerald in Central Queensland, Australia and just love the quiet country life. When I am not scrapping I love spending time outside in my garden, playing with my boys and definitely head down in a good book!

I started scrapping around the time that Riley was born but only really became ‘serious’ about 4 years ago.  Now I am hooked!! Scrapbooking to me is a wonderful combination of creative release and a way of recording our family’s memories.  I love to scrap and journal about the little & insignificant details of my boy’s life.  I do something scrap related nearly everyday, if I’m not scrapping I am thinking about it, browsing through magazines, online galleries, blogs or simply taking photos of my little boys.

My style is always evolving, not sure if I have a style as I love to experiment with new techniques, so it often depends on what I am scrapping or the challenge. Even though I have two boys, you will always see flowers here and there on my layouts. I love to use any distressing technique, misting/masking as well as adding lots of texture and layers to my layouts.

Feel free to visit me at my blog

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice-1

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice-2

Layout ‘Black skinnies’

MHC Products used: Grandma’s Handkerchief (misted), Fairy Floss – Lemon, Fascinating –Lemon

* * *

Melinda Thompson - Free Choice - November 2012

Don’t be afraid to mist and add texture through different mediums, to your flowers to suit the colours of your paper/embellishments or the colours in the photos.  Altering flowers is the easiest and most effective way to make your layout unique and not too mention a lot of fun!!’

Melinda Thompson - Free Choice - November 2012-1

Melinda Thompson - Free Choice - November 2012-2

Melinda Thompson - Free Choice - November 2012-3

Layout ‘Carefree and perfect’

MHC Products used:Capri – Aqua, Dahlia – Blue, Powder Puff – Melon, Imagine – Oatmeal, Grandma’s Garden – Handkerchief (misted)

* * *

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice1

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice1 - 1

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice1 - 2

Layout ‘You fly, you soar’

MHC Products used: Sprinkles – Yellow, Taneisha – Pink, Lotus – Timeless, Mayglo – Yellow

* * *


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