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Valentines and roses….

Welcome once again to our blog today.

As promised, we have some more wonderful Valentines cards to share with you.

* * *

Elena has made a beautiful shabby chic card using some of our mini glitter roses.



Card by Elena Olinevich

MHC Products used: Glitter Mini Roses – white, Mayglo – Pink.

* * *

As has Nerrida – these little roses are just so perfect for a valentines card.

Valentines card 1

valentines card 2

valentines card 3

Card by: Nerrida Mitchell

MHC products: Mini Glitter roses – white, Springtime – white.

* * *

The next, oh so pretty card, comes from Tiffany.



Card by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used:  Meadows – white, Celeste – Pink.

* * *

Elena again, with yet another stunning card. This one could be given to the man in your life.



Card by Elena Olinevich

MHC Products used: Meadows – White, Gelato –  Lemon

* * *

Nancy has done a gorgeous card also.




Card by Nancy Winter.

MHC Products used: Mini Glitter roses, Rue – white.

* * * *

We hope you are enjoying our Valentine’s showcase. Im sure you are, and Im sure you will be happy to hear we have even more gorgeous Valentine’s cards to show you, so make sure you call in again soon so you dont miss them.

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  1. Stunning! Love those flowers!


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