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An altered frame idea.

Hi. Alicia here today sharing a layout where I have altered some of the new ornate frames. I just love these frames. They are such a quick and easy way to add a little bit of delicate detail to a project.





To create this layout, I first altered the colour of the frames. The frames are a really good weight of cardstock that allows them to be easily altered without compromising their integrity. I used a fair amount of glimmer mist on these, and they soaked up the colour beautifully, without any warping whatsoever.

Once dry, I simply cut each on in half and arranged them down each side of my centre piece to create a border effect. So easy!

Alicia Barry, Altered frames, Best and beautiful 1

Alicia Barry, Altered frames, Best and beautiful 2

Alicia Barry, Altered frames, Best and beautiful 3

To complete my layout, I used a Teal vine (how amazing is that colour!). It’s just one vine, cut into three smaller sections and spread across the layout. I tucked some Sunflowers, Little Sweeties, and a Ruffle flower. I also used a piece of the pretty new Venice lace as an accent.

MHC supplies:

Vine: dark teal, Sunflowers: white, Sweeties: white, Shades, apple green, Venice heart lace, Ornate frames: cheval, Goose feathers: roaring 20’s mix. 

Frames and banners card

Hi, Alicia here. Today I have a card to show you that showcases the new frames and sentiment banners. I love making cards, but I do sometimes find the sentiment a bit of a pain. Having to find the right stamp and ink etc… I am really loving that I can grab one of these banners and just be done. They are really flexible too. They are quite wide, so when I use them on a portrait oriented card, I like to raise the centre with foam dots and shape the sides to fit onto the card so it looks three dimensional. This is also a really great technique for applying over the top of flowers.

For this card, I also used a new Cheval ornate frame. Because my card was wide, I cut it into two pieces and arranged it on either side of my card surrounding my flower cluster.

Alicia Barry, June card, frames and banners 1

Alicia Barry, June card, frames and banners 2

Alicia Barry, June card, frames and banners 3

Don’t forget, both the banners and the frames, can be inked, sprayed painted coloured etc, and can also be adorned with buttons, pearls and gems just to name a few ideas.

Some glitz and glamour

The new Manor House Creations collection is inspired by all the glitz and glamour that is the epitome of the Great Gatbsy era. When I think of the 20’s the first thing that pops into my head is the amazing head pieces that are so typical of the time.

Alicia Barry-Free choice-Great Gatsby head piece 1

To create this piece, I started with a piece of dyed vintage lace which I hot glued to a flexible headband. I added a strip of the gorgeous new Lavish bling trim from the winter collection along with goose and peacock feathers. Finally I finished off with some very glamorous red razzle blossoms.

Alicia Barry-Free choice-Great Gatsby head piece 2

MHC supplies used: Lavish bling trim, Peacock feathers: red, ivory. Goose feathers: Roaring 20’s mix, Razzles: red.

There you have it, simple but so effective. Perfect for a party, or for dress ups, or just to feel pretty.


A little sunshine amid the rain.


Here in Queensland we finally got some much needed rain. It watered the garden and filled our tanks, but then it kept raining…and raining…and raining. Everything feels dull and damp and miserable.  Well, making this bright tropical layout featuring a photo from our sunny Mexico trip last year certainly made me feel better for a while.

While the blue colouring was the obvious choice for a water layout, I also picked up on the pale peach and pink of the background and made it a focal point but using some wonderful Powder Puff flowers in melon. I love those polka dots. The little Capri glitter roses really finished off my clusters nicely too.

Alicia Barry, Sugar and spice

Alicia Barry, Sugar and spice, close up 4

Alicia Barry, Sugar and spice, close up 3

Alicia Barry, Sugar and spice, close up 2

Alicia Barry, Sugar and spice, close up 1

MHC supplies used:
Powder puff: melon, Imagine: Oatmeal, Idyllic: Oatmeal, Glitter roses: Caramel, Springtime: White, Capri: Aqua.
Here’s hoping the sun is shining wherever you are.

For the girls in my life.

Hi everyone, Alicia here with you today with some girly layouts to share with you.

The first one is a typically girly layout of my little princess. With two older brothers, it is so nice to have a little girl to scrap, especially with so many wonderful MHC flowers for inspiration.  I adore the Watermelon coloured flowers. They are such a gorgeous shade of pink, and team really well with paler shades too.

Alicia Barry, My Little GirlSee how the black centres of the watermelon Rue flower works in so well with the black spots on the pretty Powder Puff flowers.

Alicia Barry, My Little Girl, close up 1

Alicia Barry, My Little Girl, close up 2

MHC supplies used:
Ruffles: brown and pink, Rue: watermelon, Whimsy: pink, Glitter mini roses: pink, Powder puff: citrus mix

My second layout for you today is of our little puppy Penny. She’s such a sweet dog, but it was a nice change to be able to snap this super cute photo of her. She is usually just a blur running around with the kids.  I loved this new paper I got from CHA and decided to use that as my inspiration, and of course, there is always a MHC  flower to match every project, and I love how you can match several different shaped flowers within one colour set. The yellow gives the whole project such a light summery feel.

I have used tight clusters of flowers to create a focal point around my photo, without the risk of cluttering the whole page.

Alicia Barry, Pretty Puppy, Free choice

Alicia Barry, Pretty Puppy, Free choice, close up 3

Small glitter flowers are a great finish to a flower cluster.

Alicia Barry, Pretty Puppy, Free choice, close up 2

Rather than having too many large flowers competing for attention, I stripped down the yellow flowers of its outer petals to create a smaller flower to compliment my top flower cluster.

Alicia Barry, Pretty Puppy, Free choice, close up 1

MHC supplies:
Gelato: lemon, Imagine: light blue, Idyllic: light blue, Rue: white, Apple: blossoms, mini glitter roses:gold, Lotus: divine beauty.
Thanks for taking a look at my projects. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

A touch of the Tropics

A touch of the Tropics

I recently returned from a family holiday to Cabo Mexico, where these pictures were taken. It was so warm and relaxing. I love this tropical colour combination. Despite the focal blue flower being part of the Winter collection, when teamed with orange coloured blossoms, it instantly created the fun summery theme I was aiming. The white flowers in varying sizes helped to both tone down the brightness of the other colours, as well as tie the whole theme together with the white border. The new smaller size Dahlia flowers finished off the layout beautifully.

ManorHouse Creations products used: Winter’s Song: Snow bird, Christmas Star: Snow, Springtime: White, Dahlia: blue.



A little bit formal with the winter collection.

Hi, its Alicia joining you today, with a layout to share with you, featuring the gorgeous ‘Winter Collection’ flowers for Manor House Creations.

We recently attended a wedding which was the perfect opportunity to get a rare photo of the Grandparents and Grand kids all dressed up. Formal layouts are such a wonderful opportunity to use flowers as they add a real touch of elegance, and careful colour selection can really help set the tone of the layout.

In my layout- “Family is a gift”, I used a large maroon flower from the Winter’s Song-Embers set from the 2012 Winter collection. I love the little silver tips on the stamen. This instantly set the mood for my layout.

I then teamed it with a range of pink, brown, green and oatmeal flowers to draw out the colours in the patterned papers to complete my page.  I stuck to mainly neutral and pale tones to create  my formal feel rather than bright bold colours.

MHC products used: Winters Song-Embers, Solitude-white, Idyylic-oatmeal, Imagine-cocoa, Imagine, oatmeal, Poetry-bronze, Poetry-sage, Whimsy-baby pink, leaves.

By Design Team Member Alicia Barry


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