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Inspirational cards

Hello and welcome.

A few of our DT girls have been getting creative with cards again…lets start with this mixed media card from Nadia.




Products used: Papers: Thoughts wandering.

Flowers: Colourwash – Jade, Frilly roses – Turquoise,

Embellishments: Wood Elements – love frame.

* * *

This next very pretty one is from Gwen – who wouldn’t be cheered up by this one?



Products used: Glitter mini roses – pink, Razzles – Pink, Tea roses – ivory, Melissa mixed pack.

Embellishments: Ornate frame – Gothic

* * *

And lastly, one form Tiffany, in her very shabby but elegant style.



Products used: Idyllic – pink, Mini roses – cream.

Don’t for get to send us your pics of your very own card creations.

You’ve been spotted

We love to share at MHC and can’t wait to show you some of these beauties we discovered recently.

Erica Houghton

Erica Houghton

* * *

ybs michelle frisby

Michelle Frisby

* * *


Amy Prior

* * *

Tina Connelly

Tina Conolly

* * *


Rachelle Minett

* * *

so much fun (1)

Geli Duncan

(this one is available in a kit here:

* * *

Hope you enjoyed these ladies work….Please leave them some scrappy love.

Heritage cards

HI everyone, Just a quick post as we are flat-out with filling orders for our wonderful customer stores. We recently sold a beautiful HARITAGE CARD KIT at the Brisbane expo and have been getting requests for pictures of the cards. Finally we have found the box with them in (phew!) and have taken some photos for you. They are fairly straight forward and should be easy to copy if you need to, or just use them for inspiration.

Have fun!

heritage cards 2

heritage cards 1

And here’s some close-ups.

card 7

card 6

card 5

card 4

card 3

card 2

card 1

They sold out at the show – I think you can see why…so pretty!

They use the 7 Dots and MHC BELIEVE papers, Ornate frames and flowers are Idyllic – burgundy, Imagine – burgundy, Imagine – Oatmeal, Capri – orchid, Imagine -cocoa & Concerto.

Kit instructions: BELIEVE CARD KIT

Hi everyone! We are back from the Expo – what fun! And have nearly finished unpacking.

We have been getting requests for the instructions on how to make some of th card displayed at the Penrith Paper craft show & Brisbane Expo, so even though we do display a sign saying that not all kits include instructions, luckily we took some photos and are able to provide some instructions for these stunning cards made with our BELIEVE paper collection.

Here’s the display.

PLEASE NOTE: We use Twiddleybitz card packs for these cards.


BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please note that cardstock is not included in this kit – You will need 1-2 sheets of apricot-coloured cardstock. If you cut the centres out of each one that has a cardstock border, you will have enough, otherwise you will need 2 sheets.

Card 1:


1. Cut the frame shown from the ELEMENTS paper, add to your card front and add a rectangle of apricot cardstock to the centre of the frame.

2. Make a string bow with multiple loops and glue to centre with CONCERTO flower shown.

3. Tuck cream leaves under the string bow and add 2 mini roses at either side of the main flower.

Finish with 2 rhinestones at either side of the leaves.

* * *

Card 2:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. Use a piece of apricot cardstock just smaller than you card front and cut the shown frames from the ELEMENTS paper and trim to nest just inside the apricot cardstock.

2. Add 2 WILD ORCHID green flowers to the card centre as shown and top with a WATERMELON RUE flower in the centre.

3. Add a rhinestone at the top of the frame centre and 2 at the bottom.

4. Add the sentiment banner across the flowers with 3D foam dots to secure it at each end.

* * *

Card 3:


1. As with card 2, make a frame with apricot cardstock, then trim a piece of MAKE BELIEVE paper to fit, leaving a small apricot border showing.

2. Punch a paper lace strip and glue to the back of a strip of DREAMS COME TRUE paper (or BUTTERFLIES paper) and attach the piece to the card front about 1.5cm from the bottom edge.

3. Attach a small doily to the centre, a gold string bow & then embellish with 3 flowers – WILD ROSE – green, RUE – watermelon and SPRINGTIME – white as shown,

4. Tuck some cream leaves under the flowers.

5. Fussy-cut 2 small butterflies from the ELEMENTS CARDS and attach where shown.

* * *

Card 4:


1. Again make a small cardstock apricot border to attach to card front.

2. Trim a piece of MAKE BELIVE paper to fit inside the apricot frame & attach.

3. Punch a piece of paper lace from scraps and glue to the back (top and bottom) of a piece of DREAMS COME TRUE paper that has been trimmed to fit the width, but long enough to leave some of the MAKE BELIEVE paper showing at the to & bottom of the card.

4. Attach an OVAL ORNATE FRAME that has been lined with a piece of apricot cardstock, to the card centre.

5. Add the lace butterfly to the card centre plus a SPRINGTIME – white flower that has been inked on the petal edges.

6. Add the ‘congratulations’ sentiment banner by bending it to make it fit the width of the card better.

7. Add the rhinestones as shown.

* * *



1. Cut both apricot cardstock strips and a piece of TAKE A CHANCE paper to fit inside the card front as shown, but do not attach yet.

2. Using some punched paper lace, attach to the back of the trim paper piece at the top and bottom so the lace pokes out from underneath, then attach to the card front.

3. Line an OVAL ORNATE FRAME with a piece of DREAMS COME TRUE paper and attach to card front centre with 3D foam dots.

4. Lightly ink or mist the LOVE or DREAM word (whichever is in your pack) and attach where shown again with 3D foam.

5. Attach flower/leaf cluster of cream leaves, green WILD ROSE, inked SPRINGTIME flower & ivory MINI ROSES.

6. Attach rhinestones as shown.

* * *

Card 6:


1. Trim a piece of BUTTERFLIES paper to fit just inside your card front leaving a small card-edge border.

2. Line an OVAL ORNATE FRAME with apricot cardstock & attach to card-front centre with 3D foam dots.

3. Add LOVE word and 3 rhinestones as shown.(Please note that some packs have a small lace butterfly which can be used in place of the LOVE word).

4. Add 3 leaves of a green WILD ROSE to the oval top left, then a small string bow topped with an ivory MINI ROSE.

5. Add 2 or 3 cream leaves with a green WILD ORCHID and sherbet WILD ROSE to the bottom right of the oval frame.

* * *

Card 7:


1. Use a piece of DREAMS COME TRUE, a strip of apricot cardstock, and a piece of TAKE A CHANCE paper, all to fit your card width, leaving a small card-base border showing and fit to card-front as shown.

2. Add a CHEVAL ornate frame with glue, to the card centre.

3. Add cluster of flowers & leaves as shown, starting at the bottom layer with cream leaves – 2-4 each side, the the base of a CONCERTO flower (remove the centre pearl & top flower layer), 2 x WILD ORCHID – green, 1 RUE – watermelon in the centre, then finish with an ivory MINI ROSE at the top left.

4. Add the sentiment banner, bending it to fit over the flowers and attaching with 3D foam dots.

* * *

Your all done! We hope you enjoyed your kit.

Designer inspiration in blues

Welcome! Lets take a look at what our amazing DT has been up to this month. Gwen features first using our easy-to-use Sentiment banners – perfect for cards.

Gwen-HappyBirthdayDouble  Gwen-HappyBirthdayDoubleClose2


By Gwen Wruck

Products: Sentiments banners, Rue – blueberry, Mini Blush roses, Minuettes, pink mix, Vine – white, Lace Butterflies & hearts, Ornate frame – scallop.

* * *

SC Colour Challenge #101-Trudi Harrison

SC Colour Challenge #101-Trudi Harrison 2

By Trudi Harrison

Products: Rue – blueberry, Vine – light blue, Tea roses, shades – apple green, Springtime – blue.

SHOW KIT: Today layout instructions

TODAY layout from the show kit.


By Nerrida Mitchell.


MME papers: Chalk studio x 4

Chalk Studio – sticker sheet “Labels”

Cardstock – Cream & black (or the black side of the TOGETHER paper).

Flower packs: Lazy Dayz – sunshine , Rue – white.

Loose flowers: Chantilly lace (teal) x 1, Festive – green x 2, Minuettes – red  x 4, Concerto x 2, Frilly roses (Bright yellow) x 1 bunch, Country roses (turquoise) x 1 bunch, Vine (red).

Wood buttons x 3

* * *


1. Trim the centre out of the TOGETHER paper so you have a border piece of about 1.5 inches all round. Turn it over so the black side is up.

2. Trim the piece of GARDEN paper so it fits just inside the white chalk border and adhere.

3. Mat you photo with cream cardstock and dot around the edges with gold liquid pearls if you have them, or machine stitch with cream cotton.

4.Trim a piece of the NOW & THEN – TREES paper to approx 1 inch wider on all sides larger than your matted photo, then mat this with black cardstock or the reverse side of the TOGETHER paper. Attach your matted photo to the centre of the matted TREES piece of paper. Attach the whole thing to the centre of your page.

5. Fussy-cut the floral design from the ‘Garden’ paper cutting the rose as a separate piece. Attach to the top left of your photo (see layout picture for correct placement) with 3D foam dots.

6. Glue on your flower arrangement starting with the largest CHANTILLY flower, tucking the other into it as shown.


7. Fussy-cut the banner from the TODAY paper and attach to the bottom left of the photo with 3D foam dots where shown. Glue on the 3 flowers shown.


8. Trim a 1 inch piece of the reverse side of the TOGETHER paper and punch it with a lace-edged punch, then attach to the very top edge of the page. Use glue to add 2 buttons with string tied in the holes.

9. Cut the ‘remember’ word from the same paper into a flag shape and attach with 3D foam to the top left corner edge of the page.

* * *

Hope you enjoyed using this kit.

Kit Instructions coming soon..

HI everyone.  Just a quick note to say that not all kits we have sold at the show include instructions (which is reflected in the price of the kit), however we hope to put instructions up here (with a link in the sidebar under KITS,  for some of them very soon. Having only 6 days to prepare for the show, saying we were pressed for time is an understatement! (LOL) so the kits were a bit of a rush.


My Minds Eye – TODAY kit instructions.

Stayed tuned and thanks for your patience.


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