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Layout Inspiration

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Hello everyone,

Its Melinda Thompson here with you today and I am so excited to share with you one of my recent creations using the new and fabulous Manor House flowers!  I have been absent of late due to the fact that I am expecting my 3rd baby!! But I couldn’t resist doing a layout of the very first scan that I had done at 12 weeks. Aren’t they just sweet and precious pics!

Even tho we don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl, I loved creating this massive “pink” flower cluster in and around the flower vine and the added touch of the goose feather gave it a real soft feel. I also randomly went over all the flowers with a paint brush and gesso to give the layout a shabby feel.

Melinda Thompson - June 2013 2-01

Melinda Thompson - June 2013 2-02

Melinda Thompson - June 2013 2-03

So many wonderful textures in these new flowers.  I have teamed them up with a few flowers from the previous release.  Love how each style compliments the other.

Melinda Thompson - June 2013 2-05

Products Used:
Vine – Pink, Dahlia – Green, Razzles – Pink, Gelato – Cherry, Sunflower – Pink, Shades – Fuscia, Goose Feather – Pink, Facinating – Pink, Cutie Pie

Thanks so much visiting :)

illustration_Vintage Roses PMS 4625 C

Step x Step with Melinda – Creating Texture

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Hi Everyone,

Its Melinda back with you today to share a step x step project with you.  I wanted to share a few different ways you can add a little more to your layouts.


Melinda Thompson - March 2013

Step 1 – I start off my layout by adding a little texture and dimension to my background.  Here I have used some modelling paste and a 6 x 6 Crafters Workshop template.  I have just randomly spread the modelling paste in a few different places.

Step 1 Step 2

Step 2 – Washi tape is another product I love to use to add extra visual interest to my layout.  Not only does it look effective, its quick and easy to add to your layout.  Here I have added a strip of paper to the centre of my background and some washi tape over the top.  I have then used some turquoise mist, sprayed in a few places and let the excess drip down the page.

Step 3

Step 3 – For more texture to your layout, add in some fabric.  Here I have used a strip of aqua spotty fabric which had some loose fibres and crinkles to it (no ironing here!!).  Then I begin my paper layers.

Step 4

Step 4 –  All my paper layers are distressed.  By distressing your paper, even adding in a few nicks and tears, this will lift your paper off your page.  Look for patterns and shapes in the paper range you are using and do some fussy cutting.  Here I have cut out some hexagon shapes and added some foam dots underneath to lift them off the page.   Chipboard or in my case a Studio Calico wood veneer frame is also another effective way to draw the eye to your layout.

Step 5

Step 5 – Then the fun begins, sifting through my MH flower stash and finding all different styles of flowers and textures to finish off my layout. I love to cluster, so pulling flowers apart and tucking little pieces under bigger flowers creates a wonderfully balanced layout.

Step 6

A few closeups… ink splatters, buttons, twine and butterflies are just a few more different ideas you can add to your layout that will give it that something ‘extra’.

Melinda Thompson - March 2013-1

Melinda Thompson - March 2013-2

Melinda Thompson - March 2013-3

Melinda Thompson - March 2013-4

MHC Products Used:

Dahlia – Blue
Powder Puff – Citrus  Mix
Petite Rose – Pink
Winter Song – Pink
Party Time – Pink

Till Next Time…

illustration_Vintage Roses PMS 4625 C

Step x Step with Melinda Thompson

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Hi everyone,

To celebrate the month of LOVE, I wanted to scrap this photo of some red roses my husband surprised me with last year on Valentines Day.  As you all know I love creating interesting backgrounds to compliment my Manor House flowers as well as my photo.  So today I have a quick and easy step x step project to share with you on how I created a heart shaped textured background on my layout using some Manor House flowers.

Remember these gorgeous paper flowers….


Well I have a stash of them and I couldn’t help but think how gorgeous they would look as an awesome background. Here is the layout I created.


Step 1 – Glue down in a heart shape your paper flowers.  These don’t have to be of the one colour or size. You will notice here I have used some purple, pink and blue flowers.  This all adds to the interest and character of your layout. Once you have these glued down, add some Gesso over the top to soften the edges. Do this with a paint brush.


Step 2 – Outline the shape of your heart with a thick coat of Gesso using a paint brush. Go over this outline as many times as you want to define the shape.


Step 3 -  Place your photo mat in a similar shape over the top.  In my case I have used a peice of heart shaped chipboard.  Can you see the texture and added interest already on my layout??


Here is a close up photo of how gorgeous the paper flowers look on the background… So in 3 simple steps you can create a unique background using your Manor House paper flowers.


Products Used: The ScrapCake Papers – My Private Happiness, Summer City, Petite Roses, Cutie Pies (misted), Blossoms, The Tropics (white) misted red.

Thanks for taking the time to visit..

Till next time…

illustration_Vintage Roses PMS 4625 C

Altered Christmas Tree with Melinda Thompson

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Hello everyone,

Well it’s not long now before the jolly man in red turns up, I hope you are all organised!! This year is my first year that I am hosting a family Christmas at our house.  In previous years because we live the furthest, we always did the travelling but not this time…they are all coming our way.  So I wanted to create something special for my table centrepeice…..a little mini Christmas Tree! Isn’t it gorgeous! I had so much fun creating this and looks really magical with all the MH blooms!


Step 1 – First of all I found this funky metal Christmas tree at one of those cheap stores. This is what it originally looked like.  All the mesh and wire was perfect for adhering the flowers and other bits and pieces.


Step 2 – Randomly apply gesso over the metal areas quite thickly with a paintbrush.


Step 3 – For extra texture and interest add some texture paste and sprinkle some Shimmerz Enamalz.


Step 4 – Add ripped/distressed bandage gauze on the metal leaves….


Step 5 – Gather all your MH flowers in various colours, shapes and sizes and using strong glue, adhere them to the metal branches.



I have altered some of these flowers…these grey flowers were originally white, misted with TA glimmermist in Graphite and then to tone it down I lightly sprayed over the top with some Mr Heuy’s White Mist from Studio Calico.


Hope you enjoyed this really quick and easy altered Christmas Tree. I can’t wait to set up my table for Christmas lunch!

Thank you for all your support and the encouraging comments you have left me in the last 12 months…wishing you and your families a very safe and happy Christmas! Looking forward to a great 2013!

illustration_Vintage Roses PMS 4625 C


Products Used: Capri – White/Sliver, Dahlia – Blue, Glitter Mini Roses – White (misted aqua), Springtime – White (misted grey), Wild Green Rose, Jubilee – White (misted aqua), Grandmas Handkerchief – White (misted aqua)

Step x step with Melinda

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Hello everyone

Today I have a simple step x step to share with you.  I love adding texture and paints to my layouts, it always adds something I reckon, so I am going to show you how you can do this too.

Step 1 – First of all I have used some Pink Paislee Resist paper and have used a combination of green and blue inks to bring out the pattern in the background. Next I have sprayed some Jazz Blue TA Glimmermist, and let it run in a few places.

Step 2 – This is my favourite part…  I have placed raw chipboard directly onto the background cardstock along with my button and grabbed a smallish paint brush and just started dabbing away, getting in and around all the pieces of the chipboard.  I have also added some fabric strips at the top and bottom.

Step 3 – Once that was dry I got my Jazz Blue TA glimmermist and took the nozzle off.  With a very fine paintbrush I dipped it into the glimmermist and started painting the background cardstock close to the chipboard.  I love the shadow effect this created.  Once I was happy with that, I added some Shimmerz randomly to the top of the chipboard and also down around the sides to accentuate it even further.

Step 4 – To add some more texture to my layout I ripped pieces of my pattern paper, layered some fussy cutting with foam tape and distressed edges.  I also wanted to add some bandage gauze.  This is just your normal medical gauze which I just pulled and stretch.

Step 5 – With the bandage gauze in place, I have used the same colour paint that I used on the chipboard, which is mint green, and quite thickly just dabbed some paint on in different places over the gauze.  On top of that I have added some Shimmerz as well.

Step 6 – Add your photo and embellish with your gorgeous MH blooms and other bits and pieces.  Also just a tip…when I sprayed these beautiful white flowers with Rum Punch Glimmermist they came up far too bright, so to tone this down and give the flower a softer look, I sprayed them with some Studio Calico white mist.

Products Used: Grandma’s Handkerchief – white (misted), Dahlia – Blue, Springtime – white (misted)

* * *

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial today.  Until next time…happy crafting :))

Mixed Media Background – Part 2

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Hello to you all,

Last week I explained a very simple ‘mixed media’ background so today I thought I would show how you can add just that little bit more to your projects to give it more texture.

Step 1 – To start with I am using these three items….Paint, Glimmermist and my Brayer.


Step 2 -  I then add a little bit of paint just on a scrap piece of paper and using my Brayer I roll it into the paint.


Step 3 -  I then start rolling the paint over my page.  At this stage I am not really worried how it looks so just go with the flow and add as much or as little as you want.  I love how the Brayer rolls the paint on randomly.


Step 4 – Now this step is super fun to do.  I have sprayed some Glimmermist onto some plastic sheeting, in my instance the wrapping of a mask template.


Step 5 –  I then use the Brayer again to roll over the Glimmermist and then roll onto my page.  I love the subtle ‘watercolour’ effect it gives.


Step 6 – Once the paint and glimmermist is dry I add a mask using some Gesso. Don’t worry if you look at it and think it looks terrible because in the next step you get to tone it down.


Step 7 – My favourite part is toning this look down….once the mask is partially dry, add some Gesso to a piece of scrap paper and using your Brayer roll on some Gesso and then roll onto your paper over the top of your mask.  This will give your layout more of a shabby look/feel to it while still showing through the colours of your paint, mist and the outline of your mask.

After adding all your papers and gorgeous MH flowers, your layout will be full of texture!


‘Mimi Girl’


Products Used:

Sublime – Cream, Petite Roses – Melon, Winters Song – Sleepy Hollow, Eternity

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you are inspired to give this a go.


Mixed Media Background – Part 1

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Hello everyone,

Its Melinda here with you today and I am going to show you how to get started on adding mixed media to your projects.  I know we can often be daunted by hearing those 2 words, ‘mixed media’ and wonder where to start.  So this month I thought I would show you just a few simple steps on how you add some basic mediums to your backgrounds.

Step 1 – On my background paper I have started off with some Gesso.  I apply this by just using a piece of thick cardboard and swiping it randomly across the page for a ‘white wash’ effect. Always have some idea where you are going to position the main part of your layout ie photo and embellishments.  Don’t worry if it looks ‘ordinary’ a lot gets covered up!

Step 2 – Adding texture paste here and there with a paint brush adds extra depth to your ‘white washed’ areas.

Step 3 – Adding colour…. I love using my Shimmerz products.  On this layout I have used Candle Light, Golden Wheat, Mint Julip and Blue By U. Two shades of yellow and two shades of blue.

Using a small paint brush, I start ‘painting’ on some of the light yellow colour first (Candle Light) and then adding the darker yellow colour (Golden Wheat) for extra contrast.  I love picking up all the ‘chunky’ bits at the bottom of these little jars for more depth and interest to the background. Nothing is perfect so just go for it!

Step 4 – I repeat the same steps when adding the two blue tones. (sorry the lighter blue didn’t really photograph very well)

Step 5 – Once its dry start layering all your papers and gorgeous blooms.

Step 6 – Mist your flowers in similar shades. I have done mine in a gradual effect using Tattered Angels “Gold” Glimmermist and “Truck Bay” Glimmermist.

Step 7 – Add extra interest, depth and sparkle to your embellishments by painting on some Shimmerz Blingz – Angel Wings

Products Used:

Petite Roses – Lemon Winters Song – Log Cabin Sublime – Cream Fairy Floss – Lemon Mittens

* * *

So there you have it, a few basic tips to get you started on adding mediums to your layouts.

Till next time…Have a happy creative month!

The Art of Clustering and Altered Rosettes

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Hello to you all,

Hope you have all had a great week.  It’s Melinda here and I am back with you today to share a step x step on how I cluster my flowers on my layouts and also how I altered these gorgeous rosettes. Aren’t they so soft and delicate…one of my favourites out of the new release.

Step 1 – Altering the rosettes.

You will notice the little end bit.  Gently pull at it and start to unravel the delicate ribbon.

Step 2 – Unravel it as little or as much as you like. I did this because I wanted to create a bit of soft wispy flow to my layout.

Step 3 – I love to tuck and hide little bits and pieces, so in this case I wanted my focal flower to be my large white flower.  I wanted to bring out the gorgeous grey/blue flower ever so slightly, so it was tucked in under the white flower followed by the pink rosette and then I added a little malt rose on top to finish off the cluster.  I ALWAYS work in odd numbers when creating my flower clusters, so included in my cluster are my clock and key embellishments which brings a total of 7 items in my cluster. This is important for the eye to flow freely over the layout.

Step 4 – Working in a triangle (visually) I wanted my second cluster in the opposite corner.  This time I wanted my rosette to be the focal point.  So I tucked all the other flowers in and around it.  You will notice I have four flowers in my cluster here but in the finished layout (below), I have added a heart diecut as my fifth embellishment.


Step 5 – Placing a baby wipe or some paper / cardstock over the photo I used some Shimmerz Colouringz in Tropical Tanline and gently sprayed it on my cluster to add an interesting effect.

Step 6 – I then painted some white Gesso randomly over the flower clusters to enhance the colour of the Shimmerz as well as adding to the shabby chic feel to this layout.

Till next time…
Thanks for visiting…

How to Create Gorgeous Subtle Edges to your Flowers

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Hello everyone, its Melinda here for another step x step tutorial using some Shimmerz products and the gorgeous Manorhouse Creations flowers to create a soft and subtle edge to your flowers.

Step 1 - Firstly I have chosen a beautiful white flower to alter from one of the very first MHC release….Cottage Garden – Morning Glory,  teamed up with some Shimmerz Colouringz – No Yoking. Isn’t this such a striking colour!!?.


Step 2 -  After I sprayed the flower, getting into all the folds, I gently painted on some Shimmerz Pearlz – Golden Wheat…this adds such a stunning sparkly touch to your flower.

Step 4 - The next step is to touch this flower up with a little colour just to the edges of the petals.  I have used some Shimmerz Blingz – Under the Sea.  So with a fine pointy paint brush I just dipped it into the pot.  With this one I didn’t stir the Blingz, I just used the coloured water that sits on the top.  With a little of this on my paint brush I just went around the edges of the petal and as soon as the brush met with the petal the blue started to soak in and change colour to a blue/green.  It is a really gorgeous effect.

(please excuse the condition of my pots…I get a little excited when I play around with these products…hehe!)

So how sweet is that little flower… here is the full layout where I used these.

Scooter Fun… Also using some Fairy Floss – soft blue which I have also sprayed with some Shimmerz Colouringz.

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you feel inspired to give this a go.


Canvas Flower Tips – by Melinda Thompson

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Hi everyone,

Its Melinda Thompson here for my very first blog post!  Today I am going to share with you a few tips / techniques I used when I created my canvas.

As you can see I love layering up my flowers and I wanted to use some of these cute little white flowers and poke them into the larger flowers.  I didn’t want them looking lost, so I decided to add a little colour just to the centre of these flowers.  To do this all you need to do is pull the top off your mist bottle and gently pump some of the mist that is caught in the clear pipe directly into the centre of the flower.  This will spread slightly but will give the flower a gorgeous ‘centre’ colour.

I also wanted to create a ‘bud’ look, so with these dainty white and purple flowers all I did was give them a good spray with some water and while they were still slightly damp, gently pull the petals together until you get the desired look you want.

I hope you enjoyed these few tips and next month I will be back with a more detailed step x step.

Thanks for looking


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