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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.

5 Effective Ways to Deal with Creative Criticism

Criticism has an unforeseen effect in different aspects of your life; hence it is advisable to recognize the ways in which you can take advantage of criticism to become a much stronger person. Here are top 5 ways in which you can deal with creative criticism.

14 Psychological Triggers That Boost Sales Like Crazy!

The subconscious mind has a lot to answer for when it comes to consumer behavior and understanding how it works can unlock a huge benefit for marketers. Consumers may like to think that they are happily clicking along the virtual aisles, looking to make purchases that that they put some “thought” into, but in reality – they’re at the mercy of their own psychological triggers. What’s ending up in their shopping cart has a lot more to do with clever “neuromarketing” than a conscious choice. This does not mean that they are being hypnotized against their own will, but rather that digital marketers have learnt how the human brain works and are giving consumers the perfect solutions that will ignite their psychological triggers. Directing Desire After a shopping spree, a consumer could be asked to justify the choice of the products in his or her cart. He or she would most likely spout loads of different plausible solutions to explain the purchases. Perhaps the consumer has always had that brand or that the product just seems better than the rest. But in reality, the “neurodesign” of the product is what has ignited that consumer’s desire to buy. So as a...

Freebie: Boho Chic Vectors (Feathers, Dreamcatchers & More)

Today’s freebie is an awesome set of BOHO (Bohemian Hippie) style vector resources. There are feathers, dreamcatchers, necklaces, arrows, skulls, as well as flyers, invites and business cards perfect for creating that trendy Bohemian Chic look. » Free Boho Style Vectors Download (50mb) » Free Download (50mb) A big thank you to FreePik for these free resources.

Animals in Logo Design: Past & Present

This article was contributed by Robert Everett. Consider for a moment what well-known brands have for their logos. It may be an abstract representation of a half-bitten apple, a highly-stylized letter “M,” more probably, it’s an image of an animal. Emblems and logos serve an explicit purpose,  they are vital in establishing a brand image. The design of a logo sometimes goes beyond the concept of simple aesthetics and can be used to describe core values of the brand. That’s why companies and corporations spare no expenses when creating one. Brand power is a powerful marketing tool, and it can easily draw people in with a relatable image. Logos and underlying themes By giving an additional layer to a piece of work (art, literature, etc.), artists can express new meaning and complexities. Symbolism can be applied to nearly everything. Not every logo can be easily distilled to its core, however. And not every logo has a meaningful story behind it. Keep in mind that there may be perceived symbolism, actual symbolism, and possibly lack of it altogether. Our perception of animal designs can be biased and swayed, but in either case, animal designs are popular for a reason. Why animals...

11 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently!

This article was contributed by Anna Marsh. Creative people always see things with a different perspective. They see themselves not for what they are, but for what they can be. History reveals how creative minds like Robert Frost, Kurt Vonnegut, Le Corbusier, Kate White, Wallace Stevens and many other creative legends continue their creative passion by doing things differently. Creative people have the ability to understand themselves, their working practices, their faults and express their creativity in different ways. Here is the list of 11 things that creative people do differently. They create their own schedule Creative people work when they feel it is the best time to work, although some creative people who are bound to their 9-5 job routine have to make time for the mind to rest and then work accordingly. As it is said by Pablo Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”. Set aside time to be creative. They seek for new opportunities and love new experiences Another common trait of creative people is that they want to gain new experience and do not want their creativity to be restricted to just one single outlet. Creative people are multi-talented and...