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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.

In a span of a few years, Instagram has evolved from a personal platform for selfies to a highly efficient marketing tool. While it became known for its square photos and fun filters that didn’t have any commercial use, it’s now showing businesses its real potential with analytics, the click-to-buy button, and many other advertising-friendly[.....]

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Intercom is a customer messaging software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup founded in 2011. Back then, in-app messaging and live chats with customers weren’t standard practice. They, in fact, made them standard practice, changing the way customers expected to communicate with businesses. It didn’t take long for the market to flood with similar products. This has put Intercom[.....]

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Photos of your loved ones have a great way of making you feel strong emotions, don’t they? Whether it’s falling over laughing at a stupid pose, shedding a tear over long lost memories, or being transported back to a different time and place—they can have a great effect on you. So, it’s completely natural that[.....]

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Raising money for your student project is an exciting challenge. You’ve got a big goal to reach, and you have control over how you can earn your money. Plus, nothing feels better than working for a good cause, does it? But when you’ve got no experience managing a project like this, it’s normal to feel[.....]

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Film has a certain magic, a sense of atmosphere, depth, texture, and realness that can’t be emulated with digital. The imperfections, the snapshots of real life, the way one must slow down to properly capture the shot—in the same way an e-reader will never replace the feeling of opening a hardcover book, digital can never[.....]

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Mist and fog are wonderfully atmospheric and dreamy phenomena to photograph. They can be poetic, romantic, haunting, and quietly spectacular. But they can also be challenging and unpredictable. Mist and fog move constantly, can disappear in an instant, and have a very ephemeral quality that can easily result in flat, bland images. Capturing them perfectly[.....]

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I want to be that woman. I want my life (or at least my living room) to look like that. Yes, I am going to wake up every morning and roll out of bed into downward dog. These are the narratives streaming through my mind as I scroll through Instagram, punctuated by “Ooooh cute puppy!”[.....]

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Macro photography, or the art of taking detailed, extreme close-ups of a subject, is one of the most exciting activities that photographers of all skill levels can try. Photo by Carlos Quintero Once you learn to light and compose for macro photography, it doesn’t take much to produce professional-looking shots with minimal equipment. With a[.....]

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Maya Angelou said “People may not remember what you did or said but they will always remember how you made them feel.” As true as that statement is for life, it’s possibly even more true of parties. Long after the party favors and swag bags meet the dumpster, guests will hold the memories of how[.....]

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Good design is really important for your school assignments. And it can be the difference between a good grade and a great grade. Well designed assignments can ensure the work wows your teachers, stands out from the rest of the class, and reflects just how much work you (or your group) invested in this project.[.....]

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All around us, there are stunning examples of architecture—from the many buildings and skyscrapers that highlight any city skyline to the monuments, sculptures, and bridges scattered in, around, and between them. Photo by Dario Veronesi Ancient Roman scholar and writer Marcus Terentius Varro once said, “Divine nature gave the fields. Human art built the cities.”[.....]

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A good menu is more than just a list of food and beverage options. It’s a key part of any restaurant’s brand, setting the tone for the rest of the dining experience. 970 Design is a boutique design and marketing agency based out of Vail, Colorado, with clients across the United States. Here, graphic designer[.....]

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Did you know you can customise Snapchat with your own filters? Anyone with a smartphone, a Snapchat account, and $5 in their back pocket can create eye-catching filters to share on the app. Geofilters can be used to show your location, promote your event, tell better stories or just wish someone a happy birthday. You[.....]

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As any pet owner will attest, it can feel as though it is physically impossible not to break out your camera the moment your furry companion does something even remotely adorable. Photos by Sav Walts Chalk it up to our intrinsically deep bonds with our pets, but there is something so satisfying about capturing those[.....]

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Why should you invest in a professional logo design? Here we look at six of the top benefits. Boost your brand to the max!

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These are the top 10 best professional fonts for minimalist, simple, light and clean logo design. Some fonts are free, some are paid but they all do the job!

Wildlife photography is a challenging hobby to get into because it takes a lot of commitment. To excel in this field, you not only have to develop your camera-taking skills, but you also have to learn about the animals that you shoot. Photo by Holger Wirth If you’ve ever wondered how the photos in animal[.....]

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Photography may be overwhelmingly digital nowadays, but the influence of film remains palpable to this day. From photo app filters that emulate the look of film to new digital cameras designed to look like vintage ones, film continues to affect how we perceive the aesthetics of photography in general. Photo by Lanty Zhang At its[.....]

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A mattress by a roadside. A pair of fold-out camping chairs in a car park. The sharp angles of a street sign, catching the last rays at dusk. If someone told you to take a “beautiful” photo, I bet these wouldn’t be first on your list of subject matters. Photo by Eric Kim Some photographers[.....]

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Husband and wife team Jamie and Todd Reichman are wedding photographers for Atlanta’s elite. In this interview, Todd Reichman shares why he is not his brand, how he fell into high-end weddings, what wealthy clients want, and why they’re ideal for introverted business owners. Reichman Photography has carved out a niche as the photographers on[.....]

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Jay Dang is a personal trainer and founder of 5 Star Fitness, an Arizona-based business that offers personal training, group training classes, one-on-one coaching and online lifestyle fitness coaching in four cities across the state—a rapid expansion that happened in just over a year, thanks to the power of social media. A lifelong athlete, Jay[.....]

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As educators, we’re always trying to balance efficient planning with engaging teaching, but we don’t always have the best resources to do so. Canva has a solution: all the tools you need in one place, with features that make teaching and learning feel more collaborative, intuitive, and enjoyable. In this guide we’d like to share[.....]

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Social media marketers from leading nonprofits charity: water, Pencils of Promise, Human Rights Campaign, International Rescue Committee, DoSomething, WaterAid, and Goldhirsh Foundation share their best social media strategies for engaging nonprofit audiences. Social media marketing isn’t just for fast food brands and fashion retailers. It’s also a place where nonprofits can share their stories and[.....]

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In between adventures and can’t wait for the next one? Maybe you’re just trying to decide where to go next? Let these 40 amazing travelers take you with them with photos of breathtaking views and crazy fun stories to satisfy your wanderlust. @chrisburkard | Chris Burkard Chris Burkard’s travel photography is what dreams are made of.[.....]

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Environment counts for a lot when it comes to learning. It can influence motivation, concentration, memory, and attitude. We want our classrooms to be places students look forward to coming to each day, places that feel welcoming, safe, nurturing, and fun. When students feel positive about their environment, they’ll also feel more positive about what[.....]

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Since the internet has democratized commerce and made it more accessible, small enterprises get to be on the same playing field as big brands. Photo by Clarisse Meyer  Now, they have as much of a chance as the most prominent companies to build a robust following. But that also means that grainy images shot with[.....]

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Skills are like muscles — you need to flex them regularly, or you’d suffer from atrophy. Even when you think you’re already comfortable using a camera, it’s always healthy to learn new tricks and techniques to add to your experience. Photo by Andrei Coman Photography is a constantly evolving art form, and you need to[.....]

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You’ve done the training, you’ve got all the passion and drive, but now you have to build a client list. How do you narrow your market down to one particular focus, so you can connect with your perfect audience? Here, we asked best-selling author and business alignment coach Cassie Mendoza-Jones how to know—and attract!—your ideal[.....]

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