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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.

Welcome! With Canva, you can create beautiful designs for work, school and play in minutes—no design skills necessary. Canva is easy to use and full of possibility: our mission is to allow you to design anything and publish anywhere. This article will help you learn the basics, so you can start designing quickly. Here’s what[.....]

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You’ve just added the finishing touches to your masterpiece, and now it’s time to show the world your creative skills. Downloading your design is just the tip of the iceberg—with Canva, there is so much more you can do, from professional printing to creating a website. Scroll on for some ideas to get you started.[.....]

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Due to the strong influence of social media, stock photography has slowly transformed from being predictably clinical to sophisticatedly artistic in the last few years. The cliched smiling models in overlit studios are now increasingly being replaced by images that can only truly be described as works of art. Among the artists that drive stock[.....]

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Selfie—the Oxford Word of the Year for 2013—is a neologism defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” You might be surprised to learn that many of the Old Masters as well as modern artists have reproduced their own[.....]

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They say that, “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” and here at Canva, we couldn’t agree more—which is why we make it easy to collaborate and share your designs. Below, we will give you a step-by-step guide to the new Collaborating tool on Canva 2.0, and some of the[.....]

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We’re always looking for ways to make Canva the easiest design platform around. And with so many features, no matter how long you’ve been using Canva, chances are, there are still a few tricks you can learn that will make the design process easier. To help you create a masterpiece you can be proud of,[.....]

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Your photography portfolio is often the first point of contact for a potential client. A strong portfolio establishes your style, your range, and your skills—it is your entire brand on display.  Putting one together is (and should be) an intensive process, but the beauty of a well-thought-out portfolio is that it gives people a clear idea[.....]

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Like any other art form, photography is about telling stories. And what better way to convey the most intimate parts of a story than through candid photos? Candid photos are perhaps the most natural form of storytelling. They focus on spontaneity rather than technique, atmosphere instead of production, and context rather than explicit messages. But[.....]

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Welcome to Canva for beginners! In this immersive end-to-end guide, you’ll quickly learn how to find your way around Canva, how to use and customize templates and how to personalize your designs with images of your own—as well as some basic design principles that you can rely on to create projects you can be proud[.....]

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Let’s be honest, not many people actually enjoy studying. Most of us can think of at least 20 things we’d rather do than bury our heads in textbooks and study notes. However, if you’re at school, college or university, study happens to be a necessary evil—if you want to pass your exams, that is! However,[.....]

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Sometimes, the key to refining your design idea is to think like a designer. No matter how new you are to graphic design, by learning some of the most widely used graphic design terms, you’ll be able to think and design like a pro within minutes—no prior experience required. Whether we realize it or not,[.....]

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For decades, food photography was merely an afterthought for most photography enthusiasts. In many ways, it was a strictly commercial genre limited to advertisements and restaurant menus.  Since the advent of Instagram and Pinterest, however, it has since grabbed the attention of the masses, and now holds a veritable place in both social media and[.....]

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Unless you’re a billionaire checking your bank balance, facts and figures generally aren’t all that appealing to look at. Whether you’re teaching a class, writing an educational blog post or giving a presentation, communicating factual information without putting your audience to sleep can be tough. That’s where infographics come in! Using elements like icons, graphs[.....]

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With a penchant for mixing different artistic mediums, Barbara Bezina’s self-portraits invite you to experience both the intimate and the surreal.  Her aesthetic is evocative of Francesca Woodman or Sally Mann’s early works, dissolved in hazy colors. Her collections are intensely personal, wildly experimental, and immensely refreshing within the world of stock photography. Let’s take[.....]

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Fireworks can be dazzling to watch and even more spectacular to shoot. The right amount of preparation is necessary to do justice to these multi-colored pyrotechnics. Here are 7 practical tips to help get you going. 01. Find out what you can about the show If you’re attending a big, annual event, do your research.[.....]

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Grab 100+ FREE pixel-perfect vector icons based on the design standard used by Android. Includes editable vector AI, SVG files & also transparent background PNGs in multiple sizes.

Learn how to write an effective welcome email series with examples, best practices, tips and inspiration.

Discover the best graphics tablets for drawing, art and design and how to choose a tablet that is right for you as an artist, graphic designer or illustrator.

Our guide on single page web design, including pros & cons, tips, examples, trends and UX advice.

The best mouse for graphic design in 2018 and 2019, based on ergonomics, size, style and buttons, plus how to choose what's right for you!

Nurturing your personal brand isn’t a right just reserved for aspiring ‘influencers’—small tweaks to your digital domain can have a huge impact on future prospects for both freelancers and full time employees too. We asked the experts how we can actively manage and cultivate our brand through the power of good, simple design. What ensued[.....]

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When you’re launching a business, the key to success is standing out. Building a distinctive brand identity is a surefire way to break through the clutter, grab your audience’s attention, and make an impact. But what goes into creating a brand identity that sets you apart from the competition? We spoke to Ramon Peralta, Founder[.....]

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You’ve gotten a lead on a really sweet client. The kind that makes you do a happy dance. You quickly research their company, their branding and their social media outlets. You’re ready to make a Skype date to talk about their needs and goals. You usually grab a pen and pad and scribble notes while[.....]

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Photography offers many surprises. At some point in your journey, you’ll likely end up with happy accidents, such as unintentionally capturing backlit silhouettes. But what if you want to purposefully photograph these shadowy figures? The good news is that you don’t have to rely purely on chance to capture them. We’ll show you just how[.....]

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Improving photography takes constant practice. A great way to do this is through regular photography exercises that aim to boost both your creative and technical skills. Here we take a look at 10 exercises that will not only inspire you, but also help you get to the top of your game. 01. Think on film[.....]

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Aspect ratio is a crucial element in photography, but it’s usually something that not many of us fully understand. So, what is it in the first place, and why does it matter? In simplest terms, aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and the height of an image. The reason it’s so essential is because[.....]

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If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram a lot, then you’re probably familiar with the distinctive patterns and color palettes that many photographers use to tie their entire feed together. If you’re interested in applying a visually cohesive look to your own portfolio, here are a few tried and tested techniques for keeping your photo[.....]

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We all have great women—our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, best friends, and coworkers—in our lives. And in this day and age, it’s more important than ever to find ways to celebrate and empower them every day. Here are 20 amazing photographers who do just that on a daily basis through their Instagram feeds. Follow, share, and[.....]

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Creating a style guide for your business is integral to the branding process. Your style expresses so much about you – your value to customers, what you care about, the emotions you wish to convey, the experience you hope to provide. It’s every wish you have for your business, visually expressed. And, once you decide[.....]

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If you’re in business, you need a font that’s clean, professional, and captures who you are as a brand. And if you can find that for free? Even better. Try one of these free business fonts to take your business design to the next level. There are plenty of design elements you’ll need to choose[.....]

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