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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.

Freebie: Boho Chic Vectors (Feathers, Dreamcatchers & More)

Today’s freebie is an awesome set of BOHO (Bohemian Hippie) style vector resources. There are feathers, dreamcatchers, necklaces, arrows, skulls, as well as flyers, invites and business cards perfect for creating that trendy Bohemian Chic look. » Free Boho Style Vectors Download (50mb) » Free Download (50mb) A big thank you to FreePik for these free resources.

Animals in Logo Design: Past & Present

This article was contributed by Robert Everett. Consider for a moment what well-known brands have for their logos. It may be an abstract representation of a half-bitten apple, a highly-stylized letter “M,” more probably, it’s an image of an animal. Emblems and logos serve an explicit purpose,  they are vital in establishing a brand image. The design of a logo sometimes goes beyond the concept of simple aesthetics and can be used to describe core values of the brand. That’s why companies and corporations spare no expenses when creating one. Brand power is a powerful marketing tool, and it can easily draw people in with a relatable image. Logos and underlying themes By giving an additional layer to a piece of work (art, literature, etc.), artists can express new meaning and complexities. Symbolism can be applied to nearly everything. Not every logo can be easily distilled to its core, however. And not every logo has a meaningful story behind it. Keep in mind that there may be perceived symbolism, actual symbolism, and possibly lack of it altogether. Our perception of animal designs can be biased and swayed, but in either case, animal designs are popular for a reason. Why animals...

11 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently!

This article was contributed by Anna Marsh. Creative people always see things with a different perspective. They see themselves not for what they are, but for what they can be. History reveals how creative minds like Robert Frost, Kurt Vonnegut, Le Corbusier, Kate White, Wallace Stevens and many other creative legends continue their creative passion by doing things differently. Creative people have the ability to understand themselves, their working practices, their faults and express their creativity in different ways. Here is the list of 11 things that creative people do differently. They create their own schedule Creative people work when they feel it is the best time to work, although some creative people who are bound to their 9-5 job routine have to make time for the mind to rest and then work accordingly. As it is said by Pablo Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”. Set aside time to be creative. They seek for new opportunities and love new experiences Another common trait of creative people is that they want to gain new experience and do not want their creativity to be restricted to just one single outlet. Creative people are multi-talented and...

​VideoBlocks Is Giving You 7 Days Of Free Downloads

VideoBlocks is giving you 7 days to download anything you want from the Unlimited Library of over 115,000 videos, motion backgrounds, After Effects Templates, and more! » Start Downloading Now Get 140 Downloads Grab 20 clips a day for 7 days from VideoBlock’s massive library. 115,000+ Choices Download anything you want from any category. Forever Yours Keep everything you download, even after your week ends. Royalty-Free License No licensing fees for personal or commercial projects. Just create a username and password, and you get download access to everything in their entire Unlimited Library for 7 days. About VideoBlocks ● VideoBlocks has one of the fastest growing and largest stock video libraries with over 3 million videos, After Effects templates, and motion backgrounds. This includes the only Contributor Marketplace that gives 100% of the commission back to the artists. ● This month, Videoblocks is launching a new collection featuring hundreds of unreal and futuristic clips, including space, deep water, fantasy and sci-fi footage. ● These now all come included with a subscription, and for a limited time, new members also get free 4K clips from the Membership Library at no...

How to Command Higher Fees by Positioning Yourself as an Expert

This article was contributed by Ian Vadas. When a client contacts you, one of the first things you do is respond to them with an email asking them about the project, probably by using some kind of client questionnaire. At this early stage, it’s critical to set the right tone, before the prospect has formed an opinion of you and what working with you might be like. One way to do that is by making sure you avoid asking the wrong kind of questions. Instead, you’ll want to ask the kind of questions that position you as an expert. (Hint: experts make more money.) Today I’m going to show you what kind of questions you should avoid and give you examples of better questions to ask. There’s also a special FREE bonus to help you even further at the end. Let’s jump into the details. Order-Taker Questions (Bad) What are order-taker questions? Order-taker questions are questions that ask a client to be prescriptive or give their personal design preferences. They are the equivalent of, “Would you like fries with that?” These would be questions like: “What colors do you like?” “What style of fonts do you like?” Or, “How many...

Speed Up Your Site with a CDN: Getting Started Guide

This article was contributed by Darshan. We all love faster loading websites and so do the search engines, but is your website loading as fast as possible? Should you invest in a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve the speed of your site? What is a CDN? Hosting your files on a content delivery network is one of the best ways to speed up your site, and can often save up to 60% bandwidth. CDNs work by hosting your files across a large network of servers around the world. When a user visits your site from New Zealand, they are downloading files from the server that is closest to them. This reduces the load on any single server, making the site faster. Let’s find out if you need a CDN or not, and how to get started with a CDN. CDN Background Check Before coming to any conclusion, we need to make some background checks. It will help us decide the precise route for your website speed optimization. Nature of your website: This is an important one as there are some domains like news, gadgets, lifestyle, travel, and food which are bound to have plenty of images on a single page […]

The Totally Diverse Vectors Collection – 99% Off

As designers we are often working on a wide variety of creative projects and briefs, so it makes total sense that we should have a diverse arsenal of resources that we can rely upon. Today’s bundle brings you an incredibly varied, endlessly versatile collection of professional grade vectors that will ensure you are well equipped for any project that comes your way. Inside this bundle are 1000’s of unique vector elements, including hand-illustrated graphics, technical, vintage illustrations, decorative flourishes & florals, modern illustrations, textures, logo packs, geometric shapes and much more. This vast collection would typically cost you $4327, but for the next 2 weeks it’s available for just $29, making it 99% off until April 10th 2017. » Click here to view the Totally Diverse Vector Bundle for 99% off Below is a small sample of the 1000’s of quality vectors inside this bundle, but check out the page to see just how huge and versatile this bundle is. The regular price is $4327 but you can get everything for just $29 (99% off). » Click here to view the Totally Diverse Vector Bundle for 99% off This deal expires on April...

7 Days of Complimentary Downloads on GraphicStock

Get 7 days of free downloads from GraphicStock, the ultimate design resource and industry leader in providing a massive library of 350,000+ royalty-free stock graphics, images, photos, vectors, illustrations, icons, buttons, backgrounds, textures and more!

9 Tips for Effective Conversational UX & Chatbot Design

Web designers always need to address the task of asking users for information and thanks to conversational design, it has become easier and much value driven. Use these 9 tips to make your conversational UX design effective.

The Essential, Popular Fonts Collection (200+ Fonts for 99% Off)

Every designer wants the best fonts for their collection as they have the ability to lift our creative projects to new heights. This incredible new collection from DesignCuts features some of the most popular fonts across every aesthetic. These fonts regularly sell for thousands of dollars, and top every best-sellers list. This is the first time you can find all of these incredible fonts available for this kind of discount. Inside the bundle: 19 versatile, popular font families (featuring a total of 233 individual fonts), perfect for adding professional typography to your design work. Many fonts include extra weights, styles and stylistic alternates. Many fonts also include bonus/extras packs, containing additional creative resources. Fonts are organised into carefully labelled folders, including desktop and web versions for all fonts. » Get 200+ Fonts for 99% Off This deal expires on Monday 24th April. Here’s a look at the incredible fonts in this bundle, plus 5 of my highlighted favorites. » Get 200+ Fonts for 99% Off This deal expires on Monday 24th April.