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How to Create Unique Content for Better SEO – 5 Ideas To Use Today

Is unique content really that important? Do you remember the days when SEO meant using as many keywords as possible within a page without giving a single thought about the quality? Well, those days are gone. Now, Google is focused on leading its users to valuable content that gives relevant answers to their queries. What does that mean for the search engine user? They are getting better results! What does this mean for an online marketer? They have to produce more content, and they have to make it more unique than ever. Keywords are still important in terms of attracting the search engine to present your site in the first page of results, but they are not the only aspect of SEO to pay attention to. The content has to be great, and it absolutely has to be unique. Wait, is uniqueness really that important? Can’t you just feature the same article on several pages of your site and alter it just a bit to add new keywords? Yes, uniqueness is that important, and no, you can’t feature plagiarized content all over your site. Customer Oriented Content Marketing Techniques Content marketing comes in many forms. These are only few of […]

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