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16 Free eBooks Every Future Startup Owner Should Read

This is a guest article contributed by Julia Blake. When launching your business, you might feel overwhelmed because of the amount of the information to consider. That is why today we will try to guide you through four main domains that predetermine the success of your future business project. These domains are business, marketing, online advertising, and social media. We are happy to introduce you a collection of free ebooks on the topics mentioned. Enjoy your reading and get ready to write down the tips from the top professionals of the business world. Free Ebooks on Business Darren Wilkins. Your First Business: a Starters Guide After reading this book, you will learn how to create your first business plan and choose an appropriate business form for your future project. Moreover, you will learn a few tricks about choosing a catchy name and creating a logo. Georg Erich Winter. Clever Profit-Generating Insights  This ebook consists of only fifteen pages that contain a list of practical advice concerning the basics of starting a business. All the tips given are short and concrete, e.g. chapter 3 of the eBook enumerates the words you might want to use in your ad. Jason Jennings....

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