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10 Fantastic Stock Sites To Find Music for Your Explainer Videos

This article was contributed by Sunny Arora. Do you often find it a herculean task to create compelling content for your business? Do you often get the drowning to death feeling while generating leads for your business? You are not alone. Most businesses doing content marketing, are finding it hard to break the cutter and showcase themselves amidst the increasing noise. Take a look at this stat: “60% of the marketers fail to produce engaging content, consistently.” (Source) The Power of Video Video is an exciting medium to create story-driven content for your business. Videos grab audience attention and hook them to your content for longer. A video helps you to communicate complex and long information quickly and effectively. It is lively and provides a human touch to your brand communication. Videos help you tell your brand story in a way that’s both informative and entertaining. They help you to communicate about the USP of your product in as little as just 30 seconds. Have you started using videos to market your business online? Take a look at some of these stats: “85% of the audience in the US watches videos online.” (Source)    “61% of businesses have started using...

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