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A video class with Jeni

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                             Welcome to Manor House Creations on youtube! It’s Jeni here and I thought for something a little different I’d make a video of my photo wallet gift created using Manor House products. First, Let me first tell you a little about the making of this video.

If you’re like me and don’t like your own voice on tape, that’s the first big hurdle when making a video. I don’t really sound like that do I? As always, it seems the first run through is always the best. But it’s not a good look when your dh who’s taping has your feet showing in the frame. lol What was he thinking! So you continue undaunted.

Eight goes later, after the neighbours’ dogs had a fight, the phone rang, the kids called loudly that you were ignoring their hunger, you stumble over your words, your dh sneezes, you call a bone folder a boning knife… you laugh at the absurdity and you finally finish! LOL.

I hope you enjoy my video and have a fun time creating your own photo wallet. It makes a great gift to keep all those little pics.

Watch “Manor House Creations” on YouTube here.


 Here are few photos too.

Photo Wallet by Jeni O’Connor

Products:  Sprinkles, Plain Jane, Grandma’s Garden.

I recycled the character from the World Children’s Fund packaging.

The finished photo wallet.

Thanks so much for looking. Hope you enjoyed our Manor House Creations video.

World Vision donation

Another great month for Word Vision!

Donation this month:


YAY! We are saving lives! Thankyou!

World Vision donation

Hi everyone!

Wer recieved a wonderfu letter from World Vision Australia, thanking everyone MHC for the donations and of course, the thanks passes on to you!

Well another month, and a growing number of sales means that we were once again, able to contribute towards the rescue and help for the starving thousands of children in Africa with a donation of:


And we want to remind you that our entire PARTY TIME Autumn release has been added to our program, meaning that a minimum 15% of all sales are given to World Vision Australia.


A Christmas home – DT inspiration

Hi again, everyone! Are you getting excited (or exhausted) by the frenzy of gift purchasing, shopping, preparing for Christmas?  I know sometimes I get a bit frazzled by everything that needs to be done in order for everything to go smoothly.  Maybe it time to get some ‘me’ time and be a little creative. Once again, some of  DT girls have provided us with some amazing inspiration for decorating our homes for Christmas.

Angel by Joanne Bain.

Products used: Prior rose – Chocolate Brown oak leaves.


Dream catcher by Yukiko Ochi.

Products used: Cutie Pies – violet, Fairy Floss – soft blue.

Happy Holiday home decor by Jeni O’Connor.

Products used: Shimmers, Cutie pies – lime, Country lane – green, Wishes – Hope, Green oak leaves.

Stayed tuned for more Christmas inspiration coming very soon!

Holiday Magic by Jeni O’Connor

We all know the wonderful talents of Jeni O’Connor and yet again she has stunned us with her creative ‘Holiday Magic’ project.

Holiday magic by Jeni O’Connor.

Products used: Wishes – Serenity &  Hope, Chiffons, Cutie pies – teal, Taneisha.

If you’re as inspired as we are by Jeni’s beautiful creations, please show us your own creation by sending your work to

Flowers for the Children

We are so pleased to be associated with and supporting World Vision Australia with our fundraising effort, raising money for the victims of the African drought.  While children are starving and dying at a rapid rate, we are doing our best to help with monthly donations to the appeal and we are thrilled to announce, that thanks to public support, we have made our very first donation – a whopping $975!

Our DT girls have been busy as always, using these fabulous flowers from the ‘Flowers for the Children’ range. These are the packs that we promise to give a minimum 15% of all sales to World Vision. Please continue your support by stocking them in your store or encouraging your local store to stock them.

Layout by Melinda Thompson

Products used: World Vision Flowers:Finesse, Beauty & Cutie Pies – teal, also Wishes – Peace, Light green Oak leaves & Tiana.

 Christmas Gift by Jeni O’Connor

Products used: Nikita, Finesse, The Tropics – Dusk.

Layout by Lene Neby

Products used: Kyeesha, Cutie Pies – tangerine.

Layout by Monika Martinson.

Products used: Finesse, Beauty, Cutie Pies – lime, small leaves.


Layout by Nerrida Mitchell.

Products used: Taneisha, Naomi, Finesse, Beauty, Blossoms – Esperance, Cutie Pies – pink, Frosted Wild orchid, Fairy Floss – lemon, small leaves.

 Card by Linda Langes.

Products used: Taneisha, Cutie Pies – cream, small leaves.


DT Inspiration

A few of the girls at MHC have been busy and have some more wonderful projects to share. Take a look…

‘Jump’ by Morag Cutts.

Products used: TSC The Bright Side of Life Collection, MHC flowers: Magestic – Alissa, The Tropics – By the pool.

* * * * *

Layout by Nerrida Mitchell

Products used: Enchanted – Little Princess, The Tropics – By the pool, Grandma’s garden – Antique, Springtime – light blue.

And now for something really different… AND you’re getting a sneak peak of a few of our NEW SUMMER FLOWERS!

All Hallows by Jeni O’Connor

Products used: Cutie Pies – mandarin & lime, Taneisha (World vision), Oak leaves – brown & Rose leaves.

We hope you enjoyed the fabulous inspiration here!

Summer collection – Flowers for the children


That is the question I had to ask myself when I read of the plight of one African mother, whose baby was dying from starvation. She peeled the bark from a tree, crushed it up with a little water (probably dirty water) and fed it to her baby. Utter desperation! It brought tears to my eyes as I pondered having to do that for my own little girl.  How would I feel if places were reversed and I, here in the land of opportunity, had no food to feed my children?

Yes, the MHC summer collection is coming soon, so we would like to take this opportunity to show you what we are planning.


FLOWERS FOR THE CHILDREN is an initiative taken by MHC to help those who are suffering and a lot less fortunate than us.  East Africa is entering its 3rd consecutive year of drought. Food and water are desperately low. There is hope though. World Vision Australia are seeking help to provide food, water and medical help on, and within,  the borders of this desperate country and they are already there, providing much-needed help.

We here, at Manor House Creations, want to help. We GUARANTEE a minimum of 15% of all sales of all products that bear this graphic, (hopefully more), to go directly to the World Vision East Africa appeal.  You can do your bit by buying these flowers, each one dedicated to a child who is within reach of World Vision Australia.


Buy your flowers with a conscience! Promote them in your store, if you have one, or to your scrap friends.  Together, we can make a difference!

Don’t forget….if you see this packaging in you local store, every flower pack you buy, will help a child survive.

We will post the donation made to World Vision, at the end of each month.

If you wish, you too can donate here.


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