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CHRISTMAS PLAQUE by Nerrida Mitchell


Start by choosing a picture frame that you would like to decorate – I used a 50 x 50 cm wooden frame from Sams Warehouse. Cover the back of each opening with paper. I used the brown in the corners, the teal in the top & bottom middle openings and the red check from the GINGERBREAD paper.

* * *


Step 1:Cut out one badge-shaped piece (leaving a small white border) plus one of the longer badge-shaped pieces and cut the longest one in half..

Step 2:Cut a piece of the FROSTY paper to just smaller than you card and adhere it to the card front.

Step 3: Cut a piece of cardstock in an aqua/teal colour to about 1/2 to 3/4 inch smaller than the FROSTY piece and then cut another piece from white cardstock, to a size just smaller than that and glue and then stitch the 2 together. Adhere them to the card front.

Step 4: Add the cut out badge pieces next by gluing the one half of the longer badge to each side of the squarer badge. Adhere to the card front as shown.

Step 5: Cut out 2 little Baubles and stick them to the card as shown so the look like they are hanging.

Step 6: Cut some concave-shaped pieces from the leaf edges to make them into holly leaves and adhere to the top left of the badge in a triage. Then add 3 little white branches as shown and finally 1 white flower in the centre.

Step 7: Glue 2 CAPRI aqua flowers to each side of the badge as shown.

Step 8: Cut out a heart shape with a small white border intact and use Liquid Pearls to dot around the edge of the heart. Adhere where shown.

* * *


Step 1: Cut 6 baubles from the GINGREBREAD paper and string them across the rectangle using 3D foam dots to attach them.

Step 2: Carefully put a dot of glue onto the back of each baubles at the top and stick your string into it, to make it look like the baubles are hanging from it.

Step 3: Cut out 2 of the flower heads/branches from the TASTE THE SWEET paper, plus the doily shape from the FOG AND FROST paper and layer them together as shown. Pull apart the CHRISTMAS SNOW flower and glue it to the front centre, then glue a gold STARLIGHT flower over the top, leaving some of the snow flower showing. Add 2 CAPRI flower on each side of the gold flower. Leave it till your frame is finished and put together before you glue this piece to the frame.

* * *


Step 1: Cut out 2 flower spray from the TASTE THE SWEET paper and glue them to the back in the centre.

Step 2:Cut out the gingerbread man leaving a white border. Add a small white bow as a tie and use Liquid pearls to dot around the border of the gingerbread man. Adhere him to the card in the centre.

Step 3:Add a triage of leaves cut like holly leaves to the top left and right bottom of the card. Glue 3 white branch sprigs to the leaves and then a flower to the bottom set and a die-cut cream doily and flower to the top set.

Step 4:Glue a CAPRI flower just below the top flower.

* * * *


Step 1: Cut out a doily from the FOG AND FROST paper.

Step 2: Cut a 1” strip of the red checker from the GINGERBREAD paper and pleat it to the end. Glue the 2 ends together to make a pleated spiral flower and glue it down to the pre-cut doily.

Step 3: Glue on one of the white STARLIGHT flower to the centre and glue the whole thing to the top 1/3 of the rectangle.

* * *


Step 1: Cut a tag shape, mine is about 4” tall,  from a piece of scrap white cardstock and stamp it in black with any script stamp.

Step 2: Cut out a square badge shape from the paper and adhere it to the centre of the card with 3D dots.

Step 4:Cut out a Christmas tree leaving a small white border and add Liquid pearl dots as baubles. Adhere it to the card centre.

Step 5: Add some punched branches or sprigs to the top left and bottom right of the badge shape, then a flower to the top  and bottom right.

* * * *


Step 1: Cut out 2 hanging baubles and adhere with 3D dots as shown.

Step 2: Tie a string bow and glue it where the flowers will go. Add a triage of flowers – one CAPRI, one white and one SUBLIME.

Step 3:Cut out a Christmas tree leaving a small white border and use Liquid Pearls to add the little dots to the tree.

* * * *


Step 1:Cut out a rectangular badge shape from the FOG AND FROST paper and adhere with a 3D foam dot to the centre. Add a cut-out brown doily from the FOG AND FROST paper, cut in half and glued to the tag.

Step 2: Glue on your little birdcage also in the centre over the badge.

Step 3: Cut out 3 baubles and adhere with 3D foam dots, so they look like they are hanging, and add glue to the back of them for the string.

Step 4: Cut 3 leaves in a holly shape and glue in a triage, then glue a white STARLIGHT and SUBLIME flower over the leaves as shown.

* * *


Step 1: Cut out 2 heart shapes and a tree shape. Dot the tree with LIQUID PEARL dots like baubles.

Step 2: Cut 2 small squares from the teal paper just larger than the tree and then cut 2 squares of white cardstock so they are only ¼ cm larger and glue them together with a 3D foam dot.

Step 3: Use a 3D foam dot to adhere the tree and hearts as shown and add 2 flowers to the top side of the left frame.

* * *


Step 1: Using your trimmer, cut all the letters out to spell MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Step 2: Cut some white cardstock bunting for each piece so that there is a small border of white around each letter and cut a triangle out of the bottom of each piece with hand scissors. Stick the letters to each piece of bunting with a 3D foam dot.

Step 3: You may want to put your frame together now because the bunting may overlap the frame. Then you can use 3D foam dots to add you banner as shown.

All finished! Congratulations and well done.

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