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SWEET by Nerrida Mitchell

Step 1:

Trim white cardstock by 1 inch each side, then trim the WARM EVENINGS paper so you are left with a small border of white cardstock when you nest the 2 sheets.machine stitch around  as shown.

Step 2:

Trim your photo if needed and machine stitch around the border of it. Stick it to your page using just one tab of adhesive, just to hold it roughly in place.

Step 3:

Tuck the paper doily under the photo and attach with glue where you can’t see it. Then tuck the butterfly under the top of the photo as shown.. Glue a pink rose to the centre of the butterfly.

Step 4:

Glue the large WISHES flower to the page as shown, then glue the large white ROMANCE rose over the stem of the WISHES flower.

Step 5:

Using the tags shown next, glue, two of them, slightly layered at the top left of the photo and the 3rd tag so its poking gout from the blue WISHES flower but parallel with the top tag.

Step 6:

Glue the SUBLIME aqua flower and the pink WHIMSY rose so they are poking out from the blue WISHES flower as shown, then hand-cut the rose from one of the tags and adhere so its poking out from under the pink rose.

Step 7:

Tie a string to your button and glue the button to the bottom tag.

Step 8:

Using another SUBLIME flower, tuck it under the ROMANCE rose so its covering the base of the photo, also adding the 2 tags shown so they sit out to the side of the photo.

Step 9:

Paint the chipboard frame and glue to your page (I used 3D foam dots to make it sit out from the page) and add your journaling.

Step 10:

Hand-cut the letters out for the title you would like to use. I like to leave a small white border around them. Adhere using 3D foam dots.

All done!


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