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TOM BOY by Nerrida Mitchell

 This layout has been done with flowers, but the more masculine version, I just left the flower off. Both are shown here.

Step 1:

Trim the SIMPLE PLEASURES paper to fit just inside the other WARM EVENINGS paper. You could cut the middle out of it if you want to save paper. Adhere them together.

Step 2:

Cut 2 strips of simple pleasures paper – one with the stripes vertically and one with the stripes horizontally, about ¾ inch wide. Attach the alpha sheet (lighter side up) then add the 2 strips as shown, trimming them just a little to make them fit within the page border.

Step 3:

 Trim your photo at the top to bottom just a little then cut a 3-letter-wide strip off the alpha sheet and cut the length to match your photo.  Add them both to a piece of beige cardstock leaving a small border both between them and around them.

Step 4:

Handcut out 2 scrolls from the WARM EVENINGS paper, plus 2 extra small scroll pieces, so that the pieces  can be made 3-dimensional by using some small 3D foam dots pieces. Place them all together  on the page, along with the photo till you are happy with the placement. Adhere them leaving a gap in the adhesive for the tag at the left side to tuck under and also the tag at the top of the photo (the one under the string).

Step 5:

Tuck the tag under the , plus the little white tab (cut from the end of a tag). Tie string to the button and glue to the tag then add your journaling.

Step 6:

Cut out the letter for the words you want to use and then cut some white cardstock bunting . Hand draw some faux stitching around each piece of bunting then adhere your letters with 3D foam dots is you like the 3D look. Adhere them to the page when you are happy with the placement, use some clear glue to adhere the string to the bunting.

Step 7:

If you are using the flowers, add the ROMANCE rose and SUBLIME aqua flowers as shown.

All done.


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