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A wintery bird house

Today, we have something vey special to share with you. Our very talented Nerrida has been working her magic, and has created this floral masterpiece. This beautiful birdhouse features lots of Manor House Creations flowers, along with The Scrapcakes  ‘My private hapiness’ collection. Nerrida has added some white acrylic paint to the flowers petals to make the birdhouse look a little more ‘wintery’, but the colours remain pretty and cheerful.

Birdhouse by Nerrida Mitchell

Products used: Taneisha, Country Lane – Quaint, Cottage Garden – Fragrance, Blossoms – party mix. The Scrapcake ‘My private happiness’ papers.


Manor House and The Color Room Pallette #106

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This month Manor House Creations has joined with the creative talents of the team at The Color Room.  Its week number two, and for this week we have Monika Martinson and Delaina Burns creating with palette #106.

The Color Room is a challenge site started by a group of well known scrappers who “strive to push your creativity through new inspiring colour palettes, sketches and tutorials.”

Here is this week’s pallette

MONIKA MARTINSON has incorporated the subtle colours of this palette  in her fabulously, unique design style. Monika has adapted the sketch to suit her A4 page. The circular photo elements compliment the Manor House flowers beautifully.

Layout by Monika Martinson.

Products used: Country lane, Sprinkles – Blue, Party Time – blue. Taneisha.

* * *

Also working with this week’s palette is DELAINA BURNS. She has created an adorable page with her sweet, cut out girl, swathed in a gorgeous mix of  soft, feminine Manor House flowers.

Layout by Delaina Burns

Delaina has enhanced the Blossoms with pearl drop centres.

Products used: Wishes- Hope, Blossoms – Party mix, Mascarpone, Country Lane – lemon, Fairy Floss – lemon.

 Drop into to The Color Room to see our design team featured. Check out the layouts the team at The Color Room have created using Manor House Creations products.

Altering flowers.

Hope you are having a great day!  Today, our DT girls are going to show you how easy it is to alter some of our flowers . Let’s have a look and see what they’ve come up with. Hope it inspires you.

MONIKA has used misting and layering.

Monika has layered the blossoms with the Plain Janes and misted some of the other flowers to make some gorgeous new colours.

Layout by Monika Martinson

Products used: Plain Janes, Fairy Floss, Blossoms – Byron, Taneisha. 

* * * *

MORAG had very subtly re-coloured some of our flowers to make them not so bright and more vinatge-looking. Love the white touches on the Taneisha flower.

Layout by Morag Cutts.

Products used: Fairy Floss, Taneisha, Nikita.

* * *

We’d love to see your altered flower projects! Please send them through to

What every little girl needs….

Hello!  Well RAE COOPER has been at it again and dreaming up some more amazing creations, this time for little girls, using our brand new PARTY TIME flowers called what else…Garden party & Tea Party packs.  What little girl wouldn’t flip out over this….. and so easy to do as Rae shows.

 Grab some of our new Party time flower packs – Garden Party and Tea Party.

Take you basic ‘run of the mill’ fairy outfit, available from any variety store these days.

 Using glue, add some pearl trim and 1 flower to each show as shown.

Using some strips of tuele about 3-4 inches wide, bunch them along the waistline of the skirt, securing with thread & adding a flower to the centre.

To the base of the skirt, sew or glue on some blossoms at each point, and add a pearl centre.

Add some blossoms to the fairy wand and 1 large flower to the tiara along with a few more blossoms.

And now you have the cutest little fairy on the block with her own original outfit.

Thankyou Rae. I’m sure many Mums will be grateful when it comes to that next Fairy party.

Step x step with Rae

HI everyone! One of DT Educators, RAE COOPER, is going to share some of her creativity with you today by showing you how to make these adorable little cupcakes – you could go crazy with our Blossoms, making all manner of colour combinations. Let’s see what she used and how she did it.

Ingredients: Flowers, foam ball, lace, chippy circle, paper, pins & glue.

Step 1: Glue paper onto one side of chippy trim and sand.

Step 2:  Make a consertina with a  strip of paper and join the ends together – or you can use Tim Holtz alterations die – Paper Rosette.

Step 3:  Glue patty pan to chippy circle and add lace to the bottom of patty pan.

 Step 4: Glue foam ball into patty pan.

 Step 5: Starting at the top of patty pan, take a flower and a pin and puch it into the foam ball, working your way around from bottom to top, and it should look like the cupcake below.

Step 6: Add a decorative pin for that extra touch.

 Aren’t they so clever – we love them Rae!

Versatile Blossoms

Hi everyone!  Today the lovely JOANNE has prepared a stunning layout for you showing just how versatile our little blossoms are. We had a special mould made up to make this unique and pretty shape. They come in 2 sizes of 2cm and 3cm in diameter and can be used flat or double with another blossom then a brad or flowers centre can complete them, or, as Joanne has shown here, made into a whole new 3-dimensional flower! Aren’t they gorgeous?

Let’s take a closer look as Joanne explains:

I pulled apart the the Fantasy Magic flower to make 2 flowers. I used the centre beside the Sliver Bell flower and the rest as a backing behind the photos. Blossums have been made into different styles of flowers.

Products used: MHC Fantasy – Magic, Blossums – Byron, Silver Bells.  Also used the grey MHC packaging cardboard.

* * *

More things you can do with our blossoms:

* Stamp or ink them

*Trim the points off to make a new shaped petal

* Add a button or bow to the centre.



Have your cake……

Hello again! MORAG always amazes us with her imagination and creative talent and she has done it once again, with this truly stylish and decorative cake, which she has aptly names ‘Celebrate’. Perfect for a grown-ups birthday party or tea party! What a centre-piece on any table……almost good enough to eat!

Products used: Country Lane – Charm, Blossoms – Byron & Esperance, Magestic – Issabella.  

Thankyou Morag for this amazing inspiration!

If you have something totally inspirational to show us, please email your very own creation to

Step by step with Delaina

Hello Everyone! Delaina here today with a step by step layout. I created this page using the gorgeous flowers from the Summer collection. I am in love with each and every one and I know you will be too.

I created this page using:

* Country Lane Charm,

* Blossoms – Airlie, Byron & Esperance,

* Cutie Pies – Pink.


 I want to show a little paint technique on this page using a few colors of Puffy Paint…
I then used this MS Punch and punched the scalloped shapes..2 White and 2 Yellow. I then adhered the yellow to the white as seen below…
I used the Little Yellow Bicycle, Elizabeth Lane Collection….Cut the Grey paper 4″ X 12″ and then the Border Title Strip…
You will need a 5″ White paper Doily, Pearl Blings,  Journal piece cut from the LYB paper, Floral with Vine cut  from the LYB Papers…
Follow the steps pictured  below to place the Products on your LO… I used 3 small photos…
The Next thing I added to this page was the Paint Dots…I randomly used the colors to accent the flowers…an easy step that makes a statement with colorful detail…
After adding the paint, I felt it needed a little more detail so I added the journal piece next to the photos, the Butterflies and scalloped white Lace under the title border strip….I accented the Lace with Pearl Blings and then added a piece of Twine just above the Pearls…
Now it feels complete to me…

It’s a Flori-ade!

Today we are celebrating out Summer release by having our very own ‘Floriade’ – a flower parade of all our flowers.  Our fabulous Design Team went crazy with flowers and covered their pages with flowers everywhere.  We start with this gorgeous collage-style layout from MELINDA.


Layout by Melinda Thompson.

Products used:  Kyeesha (yellow and orange), Fantasy – Fairy Dust, Blossoms – Avoca (misted orange), Cutie Pies -teal, Island – Dusk (white).

* * *

This next one is from JOANNE and just look at the colours she has used – a stunning combination!

‘Happiness’ layout by Joanne Bain.

Products used: Blossoms – Esperance & Avoca, Plain Janes.

* * *

We love Monika’s A4’s and she has used the blossoms to make a whole new flower.

‘Tuffa’ by Monika Martinson

Products used: Blossoms – Esperance, Country Lane – Charm, Chiffons. 

* * *

Our colourful MAHLIN has no trouble at all using some of her favourite flowers in this colour array of blossoms to which she has added lots of glittery detail.

 Layout by Mahlin Wiggur

Products used: Country Lane – Quaint, Kyeesha, Blossoms – Airlie, Rose leaves – large.

* * * *

Ria has gone crazy with her flowers and don’t they look fabulous on this holiday fun layout! So tropical too.

‘Pool fun’ by Ria Mojica.

Products used: Nikita, Fairy Floss, Country lane – green, Naomi, Frosted wild orchid, Cutie pies – mandarin & teal, Blossoms – Airlie & Esperance.

DT favourites

Hi everyone! This month we wanted the girls to get really creative with their very own flavour or style of scrapbooking, so we asked each to create a project using their most favourite flowers from our ranges.  Let’s start with this layout, which you’ve already seen in the tutorial the other day, from the fabulous Joanne.

 Layout by Joanne Bain.

The BLOSSOMS are my favourite flowers as they come in a variety of colours and I also love the fact that they are smaller and come in 2 different sizes. They are perfect to use as they are or to build your own flowers as I have.
Products used: Blossoms – Avoca.
* * *
‘Dear Friend’ card by Linda Langes.
Linda says: “I adore the Sugar and Spice flowers because they’re so soft and light and you can fluff them up just beautifully on your card or layout. But, they also smoosh down when that card or layout needs to go in an envelope or album….just perfect!”
Products used: Sugar & spice – blue & pink. 
* * *
Next we have one from Monika – don’t you love the birght yellow!
Layout by Monika Martinson.
Products used: Kyeesha (World vision), Country Lane – Quaint, Taneisha.
Monika says: “It is almost impossible to choose ONE favorite flower from Manor House as I really love ALL of them. But if I have to the Taneisha flower branches would be my choice. They are perfect in each flower combination both in shape, color and mostly the size that fit perfectly on my A4’s!”
* * * *
LENE has created another stunner in that style we know from her so well.
‘Remember’ by Lene Neby.
 Products used: Cutie Pies – teal, Country lane – Quaint, Taneisha, oak leaves – light green. 
LENE says: I love the Taneisha & the Cutie Pies – they are both my favourites!
* * * *
NERRIDA had used some of our first release flowers for this fantastic double-layout.
‘Tell me a story’ by Nerrida Mitchell.
 Products used: The Tropics – Sunset, Islander & Seaside, Magestic – Gemma, Fantasy – Moonlight.
Nerrida says: My favourites are The Tropics – they remind me so much of where I love to holiday in Australia – the tropical north coast and I love the vibrant colours – something different for me as I usually use softer colours and PINK!
* * * *
Which are your favourite? Please let us know by way of a comment! We love your feedback.

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