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Believe collection and male layouts

HI everyone! Ok, so today we have a couple of wonderful example for you from one of our contributing artists, Joanne, showing you how to use our papers with male-orientated layouts.  Shows just how versatile these papers really are. Don’t these look amazing!




Layout by Joanne Bain.

Products used: Believe Collection – Butterflies, Dreams Come True, Lace, Make Believe, Us Together, Frames, Card Elements, Ornate Frames & Flowers – Classy.

* * *




 Layout by Joanne Bain.
Products used: Believe Collection – Take A Chance, Us Together, Lace, Frames, Butterflies, Ornate Frames & Flowers – Colourwash Double Ups – Cinnamon, Rustic, Cheeky.
* * *
We’d love to share your male layout with the scrapping world. Send us your creations to

Roaring 20′s glitz and glamour

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Think roaring 20′s, think glitz and glamour…  Our gorgeous new release is all that plus more. deep luxurious purples, reds and gold’s, bright, bold amazing colour.

* * *

Just take a look at this stunningly elegant creation from Gwen Wruck. Gwen has gone with elegant purples, mixed with silver, and black, isn’t this a perfect combination.


Gwen says’ ‘I just love the new banners, they are plain white and can be used as they are or easily altered with ink, mist and water colours etc. and they are not just for cards… here I’ve used the “Happy Birthday” banner on a birthday layout.  I’ve simply spayed with glimmer mist in a perfect co-ordinating colour and added it – easy’




Layout by Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used:  Idyllic – Oatmeal, Royalty mix, Sunflower, Razzles, Happy Birthday banner – sprayed with glimmer mist.

* * *

Next Beck has made a cute gift for a little friend.



‘Z’ By Beck Beattie

MHC Products used: Razzles – pink, Shades – pink and white, Teeny Weenies – white.

* * *

Joanne Bain has once again wowed us with her amazing talent, this time, with a stunning dress form

jo dress form

jo dress form detail 2

jo dress for detail 3

Jo dress for detail 1

Dress form by Joanne Bain
MHC Products used: Sarah, Vine – Purple

* * *

Lastly, a gorgeous card from Tiffany, featuring the beautiful, bold red of the Ruffles flower.



Card by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Ruffles – red;

* * *

Thank you all for joining us today. Bye for now, and happy crafting

The team at Manor House Creations

An inspiration overload

Hello everyone, and happy ‘Sunday’ to you all , we thought we would try to get those creative juices flowing, by giving you an ‘inspiration overload’ from our amazing design team ladies. We also love to see what our fans create, and love to share them with everyone in our monthly ‘You’ve been spotted’ segment. So get creating, and email your projects in to us, for a chance to be one of our featured artists for May.

Our design girls are second to none, as Im sure you will agree. They really have outdone themselves this time, just take a look below.

* * *

Alicia designed this floral beauty, featuring a very happy little girl on Eaaster morning

Alicia Barry, Free choice 3, Celebrate,

Alicia Barry, Free choice 3, Celebrate, close up 1

Alicia Barry, Free choice 3, Celebrate, close up 2

Layout by Alicia Barry

MHC Products used:  Lotus: Divine Beauty, Capri glitter roses, Party mix blossoms, Whimsy - grape, Whimsy - cream, Imagine - berry pink, Imagine – light blue, Mia – green.

* * *

A lovely elegant layout from Joanne. The white springtime and cream ruffles blooms are striking used with the stripes and polkadots on this layout.

jo LO 1

jo LO detal 1

Jo LO detail 2

Layout by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Springtime – White & Ruffles.

* * *

Lots of dimension, and pretty details on this piece by Nancy.

nancy 1

Just look at all the work gone into this stitched border, but, it was well worth the effort.

nancy 2

nancy 4

Layout by  Nancy Winter

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses, Imagine – berry pink.

* * *

This striking combination of colour is perect for this gorgeous photo of Heathers teenage daughter.

The Look

This layout was created for Scrapbooking Memories magazine, where Heather is currently working as a Scrapbooking Memories Master. She was asked to complete a layout featuring older style pepars in her stash. The gorgeous black ‘Party time’ flower, helps to modernize her layout, and give it a funky look, perfect for the cool photo of her daughter.

The Look detail 3

MHC Procuct used: Party time – white (sprayed black)

* * *

Do puppies come any cuter than this one?. Meet ‘Paris’, she is the fur baby of Nancy Winter, all dressed up in her ballerina finery.

photo 1

Nancy has used the same, gorgeous, and very effective stitching technique as in her layout above, and doesnt it make a striking border?

photo 2

photo 4

photo 5

MHC Products used: Mini glitter roses, Apple blossoms, Imagine – berry pink

* * *

So, are you still with us, or have you all rushed off to your craft space full of inspiration after seeing this gorgeous post. If you are still here, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Happy Crafting

The team at Manor House Creations

Altered money box

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, along comes the ever-talented Joanne Bain with an altered glass money box…..and isn’t it stunning!


Here’s what Jo said about this inspired creation:

I picked this up at a homewares closing down sale. I loved the big frog on the side and decided to alter it and make it even more beautiful.  I scraped away some of the silver glitter on the capri roses and painted with gesso to make them more of a whitish silver. I pulled some of the layers away from the petite roses to make some of them a little smaller and also added a splash of Shimmerz to the tips.  Hope you like.





Materials Used – Mayglo – Pink, Celeste – Pink, Petite Roses – Marshmellow & Capri Roses – Silver.

Celebrate Easter with your creativeness.

Hi everyone…..Easter is just around the corner and there’ll be lots of photo opportunities popping (or hopping) up – he he, so we thought it time that we inspired you with a few magical projects from some of our design team.  Firstly, here’s a quick and easy little project from Nerrida and just the perfect little adornment set for your kitchen table.

easter 1

easter 2

easter 3

Easter adornments by Nerrida Mitchell.

Products used: Whimsy – cream, Whimsy – pink, Sprinkles – blue, Blossoms – party mix, Mini glitter roses – white.

* * *

Send someone a warm Easter greeting…like this delicate and tastefully done card from Linda.




Easter card by Lind Langes.

Products used:  Mini glitter roses – white.

* * *

Or why not captured those treasured memories in a layout about that special day….just like Gwen has done here.





“Bunny” Layout by Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used: Romance – sweetheart, Iris – green, Mia – white, Gelato – Sherbet.

* * *

Joanne has created some super cute ballerina tutu wands with a matching gift bag, ready to give her  little niece for easter. She simply folded the Powder Puff flowers in half then put a small cut it the centre to push the skewer through. These then became her little ruffled tutus.

JO  OTP detail


Easter Gift ideas from Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Powder Puff – Citrus.


An inspiration overload

As the title suggests, today, we really do have an inspiration overload for you. Our design team girls are second to none, as Im sure you will agree. They really have outdone themselves this time. And really, with the most beautiful flowers available on the market at their finger tips, how could they help but do wonderful things. Just take a look below




Layout by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Celeste – Pink, Hayley - Yellow, Poetry – Sage, Mayglo – Pink.

* * *

We love Joannes elegant card, which shows off the Ruffles flower to perfection


Card by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Ruffles

* * *

This next layout, is so true to TRUDI’S wonderful style. Beautiful layers, and a stunning assortment of flowers

MHC Layout by Trudi Harrison

MHC Layout Detail 1 by Trudi Harrison

MHC Layout Detail 2 by Trudi Harrison

Layout by Trudi Harrison

MHC Products used:   Petite Roses – cream, Petite Roses – white,  Glitter Roses – white,  Capri – gold,  Springtime – blue, Sugar & Spice – cream, Sugar & Spice – pink.

* * *

Now, for some stunning cards

Alicia Barry, Congratulations card

Alicia Barry, Congratulations card, close up

Card by Alicia Barry

MHC Products used: Imagine –  cocoa, Party mix blossoms, Hayley – yellow.

 * * *


Card By Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used: Iris –  Sherbet, Glitter Mini Roses, Powder Puff – Melon with brad added.

* * *

Melinda Thompson - March 2013 Card 1

Melinda Thompson - March 2013 Card 1-1

Card by Melinda Thompson

MHC Products used: Petite Rose – Melon, Rue – White (misted), The Tropics – White (misted).

* * *



Card by Linda Langes

MHC Products used: Springtime – white, Mini glitter roses – caramel.

* * *



Card by Elena Olinevach

MHC Products used: Capri Roses –  Silver, Celeste –  Pink

* * *



Card by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Rue – Watermelon, Powder Puff – Citrus.

* * *



Card by Elena Olinevich

MHC Products used: Springtime – Lavender, Glitter Mini Roses – pink.

* * *

Well, we hope you have been inspired a little by our creations. Im sure there is something in there for everyone.

Altered and amazing

Hi, and welcome to our blog today. You will be so glad you called in, as we have a very special treat for you from the incredibly talented Joanne Bain. Just take a look at these stunning creations

* * *

Joanne shares  “This was one of those fake book type boxes that you can get to hide keys and other valuables in, in you bookcase. Well not anymore…lol. It is now what I call a Vintage Trinket Box.

Jo altered box

I scraped a little of the glitter away from the mini roses to make them
a little plainer

JO box detail 1

JO box detail 4

JO box detail 2

 I turned the Rue – Watermelon flower inside out and removed the black stamens. This gave me a fuller flower that blended perfectly with the Winters Song blooms.

JO box detail 3

Vintage trinket box by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Winters Song – Fire Glow & Embers, Glitter Mini Roses – red & white, Mini Dahlia – white, Rue – Watermelon & Small light green leaves.

* * *

 This second, stunning project began its life as a hanging glass votive or as I would say a hanging glass Tea Light holder. Anyway when I purchased them I knew what I wanted to do with it and that was to make it into a bird nesting ball…lol. So it no longer hangs and is now firmly attached to a candelabra. I wanted to create a shabby icy feel to this one so I white washed lightly a lot of what went onto it.

JO.. tea light holder

Jo tea light detail 1

I have used the feathery Fascinating white bloom as the floor inside the glass ball. I scraped away a lot of the glitter from the Capri flowers, I then painted with gesso to give them a soft wintery feel. I also pulled apart some
of them to make some smaller flowers by scrunching them

Jo tea light detailo 2

I pulled apart the Winter Song Ice Crystals White flower and used only the bottom section and nestled one of the Capri flowers to the centre so it was not quiet so big. I also slightly white washed the blue Dahlias to tone them
down just a little so they would blend nicely with the Winters Song Snowbird bloom.

jo tea light detail 3

jo tea light detail 4

Tea light holder by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Winter Song – Snow Bird & Ice Crystals, Mittens, Ashlee – Blue, Capri – Blue & Silver, Dahlia – Blue & White, Fascinating – White & small leaves.

* * *

Love is in the air

Welcome. Thanks for joining us on the blog, for another day of perfect inspiration.

Love is still in the air on our blog today, as Valentines day draws nearer. Manor House Creations blog is filled with lots of beautiful Valentines ideas to warm your heart, and today, is no exception. ( please scroll down, over the last few post, to check out all our gorgeous Valentines day ideas)

* * *

First up, a delightful card from Alicia.

Alicia Barry, Valentines card 1]

The stunning RED RUFFLES flower takes pride of place on this card, and is perfectly complimented by a selection of other MHC beauties.

Alicia Barry, Valentines card 1 close up 1

Alicia Barry, Valentines card 1 close up 2

Card by Alicia Barry

MHC Products used: Ruffles - red, Poetry - bronze, Glitter mini roses – red, Meadows – white.

* * *

This next, shabby chic beauty was created by Tiffany. The soft pastel colours, along with the cute heart embelishment, make this the perfect gift from the heart for your loved one.




Card by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Lotus – Timeless, Country Lane.

* * *

Another beautiful shabby delight, this time, the work of Joanne Bain

JO card #1

Jo card #1 detail

Card by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Springtime – lavender

* * *

And, lastly, a beautiful card from Gwen Wruck.



Card by Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses -pink and gold, Celeste – white

* * *

We hope we have helped you out a little with your Valentines gift giving this year. Many thanks to our design team girls, for their creative genius.

Altered lantern with Joanne Bain

Hello lovely scrappy friends. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and enyoyed the time with your family and friends.

We have something very special to show you today. Joanne Bain has weaved her magic, and created this totally adoarable altered lantern, full of Manor House Creations flowers.

* * *

JO- altered lantern

Jo shares her ideas, and inspiration ‘I am always on the look out when we go to the markets for different things for me to alter. Quiet a while ago I found this lantern and I knew it was something I would love to do, so I brought it and it has sat on my bookcase ever since….until now.

 Because it closes completely and has quiet a large door I knew I would be able to work on the inside of it as well as the outside. Inside I placed a small twiddleybitz birdcage which I added vines and flowers to and then inside of the cage are small passport photos of my special little man, he is my baby and will always hold the keys to my heart. I have added keys and a small heart trinket which I found in a cheap jewellery shop  to the locking piece of the lantern,  they were the perfect size for this.


 Because of this lantern being dedicated to my little man I wanted to use more neutral tonings. The Winters Song – Log Cabin brown flowers were the perfect starting point. As these have some silvery glittered stamen centres the new Glitter Mini Roses coordinated perfectly with them. I scraped a lot of the gold glitter away from the petals of the roses leaving just a hint and then opened the roses up for a fuller flower. I had some the vines already but added more of the MHC small light green leaves to it to make it a little more bushy.


 I like to add rub ons to my creations when I can, so to do this I simply apply them to clear acetate and cut to the size I require. I have placed my rub on into the middle the vine and have attached with a dob of glue and placed a butterfly over the top so the glue cannot be seen.  Quick and simple yet very affective and also allows my to give my lantern a title and meaning’.



‘The keys to my heart’ by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Glitter Mini Roses – caramel, red & white, Leaves – light green (small) & Winters Song – Log Cabin.

* * *

Thank you so much Jo, for sharing this delightful creation.

A colour explosion

Hello, and welcome once again. We love colour here at Manor House Creations, and today, we thought it would be fun to show you the amazing array of flower colours we have available. Below, are just a few of the gorgeous coloured flowers we have in our collection.

* * *

Firstly, Gwen has created this stunning, spring inspired, rainbow effect layout, and well, it needs no introduction, just take a look a this





Layout by Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used: Blossom, Rue – watermelon and blueberry , Jubilee – princess pink, Ashlee – blue, Mayglo – yellow, Poetry – sage, Gelato – sherbert, Dahlia – blue, Petite roses – apricot.

* * *

Next, Trudi’s mix of soft pastels, in pinks and blues is perfect with the bold black flourishes

1-MHC_Dec_ Colour ProjectTrudi Harrison

7-MHC_Dec Colour Project_Detail 3_Trudi Harrison

8-MHC_Dec Colour Project_Detail 2_Trudi Harrison

9-MHC_Dec Colour Project_Detail 1_Trudi Harrison

Layout by Trudi Harrison

MHC Products used: Glitter Roses – Caramel, Starlight – Gold, Starlight – Mix, Wild Rose – Sherbet, Capri – Gold, Dahlia – Blue, Blossoms – Airlie, Petite Roses – Melon, The ScrapCake: Summer City Collection.

* * *

Alicia’s choice of bright, summery colours highlights her beach photo perfectly.

Allicia Barry- Colour - Every picture

Alicia shares a little about her layout: ‘Because there is so much colour on this page, I chose a plain white background to ground the page and keep from overcrowding. I also kept the actual page design really simple, so that

the colour could tell the story. I love how the use of bright bold colours gave my page the tropical holiday feel that I was looking for’.

Allicia Barry- Colour - Every picture close up 2

Allicia Barry- Colour - Every picture close up 1

Layout by Alicia Barry

MHC Products used: The tropics - sunset, Dahlias - blue, Springtime - white, Mayglo – green, Wild rose - green, Jubilee mix - orange, Gelato - lemon.

* * *

Lastly, Joanne, with a pretty, girly mix of mauve and aqua, has created the perfect ‘all girl’ layout.

jo-colour lo

Jo-colour layout detail 1

Layout by Joanne Bain
MHC products used: Lotus – Lavendar , Dahlias mini – Purple & Aqua.

* * *

Please be sure to call in again in a few days time, for another ‘colour loaded’ post.


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