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Welcome back to one of our favourites!

Yes its a wonderful WELCOME BACK to one of our favourite designers.




* * *

We are so excited to have her back! I think she was probably our mixed media queen right from the start and we’ve loved every minute of her presence on the MHC team. How lucky we are to have her back again. We are such a friendly bunch here and we love our girls.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start off with one of Melinda’s AMAZING creations, which always take my breath away. As will this one…her gorgeous new little boy is growing so fast! He’s crawling!!! Already!!! Time goes so quick….

Now isn’t this layout just precious as….

Melinda Thompson - March 2014 (1024x1022)

Melinda Thompson - March 2014-1 (1024x695)

Melinda Thompson - March 2014-2 (1024x768)

Products used: Colourwash Double-ups – Jade, Vinettes – jade, Cottage garden, Fairy floss – soft pink, Shades – ivory, Ariel, Capri – gold.

We are so happy to have you back Melinda! (You can see why – wink).

Layout from Melinda and a farewell.

Welcome everyone. Today is a slightly sad day for us, as we say a ‘see you later’ to one of star designers and ‘Ladies of the Manor’ Educators – Melinda Thompson, as she leaves us for a while for the momentous occassion – the pending arrival of a little bundle of ...sleepless nights (LOL).  (Ok, not so funny at 3am!).

Melinda 300

She has created yet another one of her awesome layouts which includes some of her favourites things – mixed media, flowers and tearing. She is a master at it.

The rich black, gold and cream make such a stunning combination.

Melinda Thompson - 2Crafty Chipboard & CSI

Melinda Thompson - 2Crafty Chipboard & CSI-2

Melinda Thompson - 2Crafty Chipboard & CSI-5

We are wishing her the absolute VERY best for the next few months, crossing all our fingers and toes that her little one arrives under the very best of circumstances and we can’t wait to see the photos!!! *hint hint Melinda*

We hope when life settles down again for Melinda and her family, she may, one day, be back again, scrapping up a flower-storm. We will REALLY miss you girl…… :(

Altered flower tags from Melinda.

Good morning friends! So who loves to alter their flowers? Melinda certainly does – we know her well for her ‘altered’ style and we love it. These tags today are no exception. Melinda’s been having fun…..

Melinda Thompson - Tag 1

Melinda Thompson - Tag 1-2

In true style, Melinda has been altering things with one of her favourite flower-altering products – Shimmerz paints and mists. Here she has altered one of our Shades mini roses from Fuscia to a pretty, almost vintage colour.

Melinda Thompson - Tag 1-1

Just for you tag by Melinda Thompson

MHC products used: Razzles red, Sentiment banner – Just for You, Ornate frame-cheval, Shades mini rose – Fuscia.

* * *

Melinda Thompson - Tag 2

Melinda Thompson - Tag 2-1

The centre of this Lazy Dayz - Sunshine flower was misted with Shimmerz. Isn’t the colour combination just stunning?

Melinda Thompson - Tag 2-2

She used a mist spray to later the colour of these Shades mini roses – so easy to do.

Melinda Thompson - Tag 2-3

Happy Birthday tag by Melinda Thompson

MHC products used: Peacock Feather – Pink, Sentiment Banner – Happy Birthday, Shades mini Roses – ivory, Lazy Dayz – Sunshine, Sprinkles – Yellow, Mini Green Leaves

An inspiration overload

As the title suggests, today, we really do have an inspiration overload for you. Our design team girls are second to none, as Im sure you will agree. They really have outdone themselves this time. And really, with the most beautiful flowers available on the market at their finger tips, how could they help but do wonderful things. Just take a look below




Layout by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Celeste – Pink, Hayley - Yellow, Poetry – Sage, Mayglo – Pink.

* * *

We love Joannes elegant card, which shows off the Ruffles flower to perfection


Card by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Ruffles

* * *

This next layout, is so true to TRUDI’S wonderful style. Beautiful layers, and a stunning assortment of flowers

MHC Layout by Trudi Harrison

MHC Layout Detail 1 by Trudi Harrison

MHC Layout Detail 2 by Trudi Harrison

Layout by Trudi Harrison

MHC Products used:   Petite Roses – cream, Petite Roses – white,  Glitter Roses – white,  Capri – gold,  Springtime – blue, Sugar & Spice – cream, Sugar & Spice – pink.

* * *

Now, for some stunning cards

Alicia Barry, Congratulations card

Alicia Barry, Congratulations card, close up

Card by Alicia Barry

MHC Products used: Imagine –  cocoa, Party mix blossoms, Hayley – yellow.

 * * *


Card By Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used: Iris –  Sherbet, Glitter Mini Roses, Powder Puff – Melon with brad added.

* * *

Melinda Thompson - March 2013 Card 1

Melinda Thompson - March 2013 Card 1-1

Card by Melinda Thompson

MHC Products used: Petite Rose – Melon, Rue – White (misted), The Tropics – White (misted).

* * *



Card by Linda Langes

MHC Products used: Springtime – white, Mini glitter roses – caramel.

* * *



Card by Elena Olinevach

MHC Products used: Capri Roses –  Silver, Celeste –  Pink

* * *



Card by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Rue – Watermelon, Powder Puff – Citrus.

* * *



Card by Elena Olinevich

MHC Products used: Springtime – Lavender, Glitter Mini Roses – pink.

* * *

Well, we hope you have been inspired a little by our creations. Im sure there is something in there for everyone.

Step x Step with Melinda – Creating Texture

Posted on

Hi Everyone,

Its Melinda back with you today to share a step x step project with you.  I wanted to share a few different ways you can add a little more to your layouts.


Melinda Thompson - March 2013

Step 1 – I start off my layout by adding a little texture and dimension to my background.  Here I have used some modelling paste and a 6 x 6 Crafters Workshop template.  I have just randomly spread the modelling paste in a few different places.

Step 1 Step 2

Step 2 – Washi tape is another product I love to use to add extra visual interest to my layout.  Not only does it look effective, its quick and easy to add to your layout.  Here I have added a strip of paper to the centre of my background and some washi tape over the top.  I have then used some turquoise mist, sprayed in a few places and let the excess drip down the page.

Step 3

Step 3 – For more texture to your layout, add in some fabric.  Here I have used a strip of aqua spotty fabric which had some loose fibres and crinkles to it (no ironing here!!).  Then I begin my paper layers.

Step 4

Step 4 –  All my paper layers are distressed.  By distressing your paper, even adding in a few nicks and tears, this will lift your paper off your page.  Look for patterns and shapes in the paper range you are using and do some fussy cutting.  Here I have cut out some hexagon shapes and added some foam dots underneath to lift them off the page.   Chipboard or in my case a Studio Calico wood veneer frame is also another effective way to draw the eye to your layout.

Step 5

Step 5 – Then the fun begins, sifting through my MH flower stash and finding all different styles of flowers and textures to finish off my layout. I love to cluster, so pulling flowers apart and tucking little pieces under bigger flowers creates a wonderfully balanced layout.

Step 6

A few closeups… ink splatters, buttons, twine and butterflies are just a few more different ideas you can add to your layout that will give it that something ‘extra’.

Melinda Thompson - March 2013-1

Melinda Thompson - March 2013-2

Melinda Thompson - March 2013-3

Melinda Thompson - March 2013-4

MHC Products Used:

Dahlia – Blue
Powder Puff – Citrus  Mix
Petite Rose – Pink
Winter Song – Pink
Party Time – Pink

Till Next Time…

illustration_Vintage Roses PMS 4625 C

Wedding stationary and cards galore

Hello, and welcome to our blog on this lovely Saturday morning.

We have some wonderful cards to share today, including a lovely ‘tropical inspired’ wedding stationary set from NANCY. We love this idea, and with our huge selection of flowers, you could create this stationary set to suit any wedding scheme imaginable.

nancy - wedding stationary 1

Nancy has tucked in half cut flowers under the name cards etc.  So just a few packets should be enough to do the entire number stationery required.

photo 1

Nancy has added little shells on the MHC flowers to complement the tropical theme.  Beach weddings are very popular at the moment, and this concept could be adapted to suit the flower theme of the wedding.

photo 2

photo 3

Below is a menu card or (whatever is needed) and a thank you card to complete the task of wedding stationery set.

photo 4

Wedding stationary set by Nancy Winter

MHC Products used: Winters song – pink, Mayglo – yellow

* * *

Next up, is a beautiful shabby chic card, designed by TIFFANY. We love all the pretty layers on Tiffany’s card, and the lovely mauve tones of the Springtime and Dahlia flowers are the perfect addition.



Card by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Springtime – Mauve, Dahlia – Purple

* * *

GWEN created this soft, and delicate blue and grey card set. The sentiments are quite general, allowing you to use these cards for any occasion


Gwen has added ‘Tide pool’ coloured Glimmer glam to the Christmas – Angelic flower, to give it this brilliant aqua colour. One of the great things about the paper flowers in the MHC collections are their ability to take sprays, and inks.


Card set by Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used: Poetry – white  (with outer leaves removed), Idyllic – Oatmeal, Christmas Angelic.

* * *

Another beautiful blue toned card, this time from MELINDA

Melinda Thompson - March 2013 Card 2

Again, Melinda has sprayed some of our white flowers, in a gorgeous blue.

Melinda Thompson - March 2013 Card 2-1

Card by Melinda Thompson

MHC Products used: Scrap Cake Paper (My Private Happiness), Springtime – White (misted), Petite Rose – Melon, Dahlia – Blue

* * *

Last, but not least, ALICIA with this beautiful, delicately coloured card, in browns, pinks and a soft mint.

Alicia Barry, Thinking of you card

Alicia Barry, Thinking of you card, close up

Card by Alicia Barry

MHC Products used: Mayglo - pink, Meadows - white.

* * *

Thanks so much for visiting today. We have lots more cards to share with you over the coming days, so be sure to call in again soon.

An inspiration overload

Hello everyone, and happy ‘Saturday’ to you all. Today, being the first day of the weekend, we thought we would try to get those creative juices flowing, by giving you an ‘inspiration overload’. We love to see what our fans create, and love to share them will everyone in our monthly ‘You’ve been spotted’ segment. So get creating, and email your projects in to us, for a chance to be one of our featured artists for March.

Our design girls are second to none, as Im sure you will agree. They really have outdone themselves this time, just take a look below.

* * *

 This amazing canvas was designed by ELENA. The clever mixed media techniques, along with a stunning collection of Manor House Flowers compliment the beautiful photo of Elena perfectly.



Elena has given the flowers a shabby feel by dabbing them randonly with Gesso.



Canvas by Elena Olinevich

MHC Products used: Springtime - Blue, Mia – White, Ashlee - Blue, Glitter Mini Roses – caramel, Powder Puff – Melon.

* * *

A pretty card perfect for someone special from GWEN



Card by Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses – Pink and Red, Celeste – mixed pack.

* * *

TIFFANY has scrapped this adorable photo of her daughter, and has used such a pretty colour combination here with the blue Ashlee mix, and the watermelon colours in Rue and Powder puff.




Layout by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Ashlee – Blue, Powder Puff – Citrus, Rue – Watermelon, Springtime – blue, Christmas – Angelic

* * *

Another adorable little face, this time beloning to GWEN’S little girl.


A beautiful colour combination here, which match the papers perfectly.



Gwen has sprayed the white Rue flowers to match her layout.


Layout by Gwen Wruck

MHC Products used: Glitter mini ross – gold, Rue – white, Eternity – white, Romance – devoted.

* * *

ALICIA has created this very pretty, and very clever easle card

Alicia Barry, Valentines card 2 ]

Alicia Barry, Valentines card 2  close up 1]

Card by Alicia Barry

MHC Products used: Rufles - white, Glitter mini roses - red, Meadows - white.

* * *

Lastly, a gorgeous layout from MELINDA, full of lots of gorgeous mixed media techniques, that Melinda does so well.

Melinda Thompson - February 2013 - Free Choice1

Melinda Thompson - February 2013 - Free Choice1 -3

Melinda Thompson - February 2013 - Free Choice1 -2

Melinda has misted the white Springtime flowers to match her colour scheme.

Melinda Thompson - February 2013 - Free Choice1 -1

Layout by Melinda Thompson

MHC Products used: Rue – Watermelon, Wild Orchid – sherbet, Petite Rose – melon, Cutie Pies – orange, Springtime – white (misted)

* * *

So, are you still with us, or have you all rushed off to your craft space full of inspiration after seeing this gorgeous post.

We ‘love’ cards

Love is in the air with Valentines day just around the corner. And what better way to show someone how much you love them, than with a handmade, heartfelt card. Manor House Creations flowers make card making a breeze, with just a few scraps of paper, and a selection of our stunning flowers, you can whip these gorgeous cards up in no time.

First up, Erin shares her stunning card duo



Kiss card by Erin Blegen

MHC Products: Lotus- white, Powder Puff- Watermelon, Capri- aqua.

* * *


The mauve and gold is such a striking colour combination, don’t you think?


Card by Erin Blegen

MHC Products used: Capri – gold, Glitter mini roses – gold.

* * *

The next card set was created by the talented Gwen Wruck



* * *



Card set by Wruck

MHC Products used: Glitter mini roses – red,  Idyllic – oatmeal, Jubilee – princess.

* * *

Next, Linda, with 2 stunning cards, perfect for the one you love



card by Linda Langes

MHC Products used: Capri – blue, Sherbet iris.

* * *



Card by Linda Langes

MHC Products used: Lotus bloom.

* * *

 And lastly for today, Melinda, sharing even more love

Melinda Thompson - February 2013 - Valentine Card

Melinda Thompson - February 2013 - Valentine Card-1

XOXO by Melinda Thompson

MHC Products used:  Petite Roses – soft pink, Jubilee – Princess Pink

* * *

Melinda Thompson - February 2013 - Valentine Card-3

Melinda Thompson - February 2013 - Valentine Card-4

True love card by Melinda Thompson

MHC Products used:  Petite Roses – cream, Royalty – Baroness mix (cream), Celeste – pink

* *

We have lots more Valentines cards, and projects to share with you over the next week, so please call in again soon.

Designer spotlight – Melinda Thompson

Hello, so glad you could join us for yet another design team feature, this time, we are showcasing some of MELINDA THOMPSON’S amazing work.

* * *

‘Hi my name is Melinda Thompson but most people in the scrapbooking world know me as Min. I have been married to my wonderful husband Brad of 12 years and we have two adorable boys, Riley 5 years, Finlay 4 years who are my constant source of inspiration. We live in a growing country town called Emerald in Central Queensland, Australia and just love the quiet country life. When I am not scrapping I love spending time outside in my garden, playing with my boys and definitely head down in a good book!

I started scrapping around the time that Riley was born but only really became ‘serious’ about 4 years ago.  Now I am hooked!! Scrapbooking to me is a wonderful combination of creative release and a way of recording our family’s memories.  I love to scrap and journal about the little & insignificant details of my boy’s life.  I do something scrap related nearly everyday, if I’m not scrapping I am thinking about it, browsing through magazines, online galleries, blogs or simply taking photos of my little boys.

My style is always evolving, not sure if I have a style as I love to experiment with new techniques, so it often depends on what I am scrapping or the challenge. Even though I have two boys, you will always see flowers here and there on my layouts. I love to use any distressing technique, misting/masking as well as adding lots of texture and layers to my layouts.

Feel free to visit me at my blog

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice-1

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice-2

Layout ‘Black skinnies’

MHC Products used: Grandma’s Handkerchief (misted), Fairy Floss – Lemon, Fascinating –Lemon

* * *

Melinda Thompson - Free Choice - November 2012

Don’t be afraid to mist and add texture through different mediums, to your flowers to suit the colours of your paper/embellishments or the colours in the photos.  Altering flowers is the easiest and most effective way to make your layout unique and not too mention a lot of fun!!’

Melinda Thompson - Free Choice - November 2012-1

Melinda Thompson - Free Choice - November 2012-2

Melinda Thompson - Free Choice - November 2012-3

Layout ‘Carefree and perfect’

MHC Products used:Capri – Aqua, Dahlia – Blue, Powder Puff – Melon, Imagine – Oatmeal, Grandma’s Garden – Handkerchief (misted)

* * *

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice1

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice1 - 1

Melinda Thompson - January 2013 Free Choice1 - 2

Layout ‘You fly, you soar’

MHC Products used: Sprinkles – Yellow, Taneisha – Pink, Lotus – Timeless, Mayglo – Yellow

* * *

Colour and more colour

Happy Sunday everyone. We hope you are having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.

As promised, we are back, with another colour loaded post. Featuring some amazing, and colourful layouts and cards from our talented designers.

* * *

Elena has used a wonderful bold mix of teal, yellow, brown and pink flowers, for her stunning layout.


Elena has added  splashes of coordinating paint to some of her flowers, to tie her whole layout together.


Layout by Enena Olinevich

MHC Products used: Fascinating, Gelato – lemon, Hayley – Yellow, Celeste - Pink, Glitter Mini Roses, Ruffles, The ScrapCake papers – Summer city & Sweet Childhood.

* * *

Erins beautiful layout is full of bright, and happy spring colours, what a wonderful backdrop for her adorable photos.




Layout by Erin Blegen

MHC Products used: Springtime- blue, Iris- sherbet, Mayglo- green, Gelato- lemon, Powder Puff- watermelon.

* * *

Yet another, stunning use of colour here from Melinda

Melinda Thompson - Colourful Layout - December 2012

Melinda Thompson - Colourful Layout - December 2012-1

Melinda Thompson - Colourful Layout - December 2012-2

Layout by Melinda Thompson

MHC Products used:  Mayglo – Yellow, Wild Orchid –Sherbet, Petite Rose – Melon, Winter Song – Misted Gold, Leaves – Light Green.

* * *

Anyone would be happy to receive this stunningly bright, bold card created by Linda.

Linda-Colour-Hi Card

Linda-Colour-Hi Card close up

Linda-Colour-Hi Card close up 2

Card by Linda Langes

MHC Products used: Powder puff – strawberry mix, Hayley – yellow, Mini dahlia – white.

* * *

And lastly, while still using alot of stunning colour in her layout, Tiffany has chosen to go with softer, more pastel colours, for this adorable layout of her baby daughter.




Layout by Tiffany Morgan

MHC Products used: Celeste – pink, Mayglo – pink, Mayglo – green, Iris – green, celeste – white,Jubilee – pink.

* * *

Thanks for joining us, we hope we have inspired you a little today :)


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