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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.

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If you work primarily from a laptop every day, you know the struggles of having a limited amount of room to get any work done. Because of this, many creative professionals use an external monitor for more screen space. The most popular type of monitor connects via a USB-C port which can not only give you a second or larger primary screen but also power your laptop. With their growing popularity, it’s beyond time for creatives to pay attention to this growing trend and with our list of the Best USB-C monitors for creatives we hope to give you a better idea for your next monitor. Related Posts: Top Laptops 17 Essential Tools for Designers Best chromebooks for designers Best laptops for designers Best computers for designers Best Macbooks for designers Fastest laptops for designers Best laptops for programming & coding Best budget laptops for designers Best bags & backpacks for laptops Top Gear for Video Editing Best monitors for editing video Best laptops for video editing Best computers for video editing Best external hard drives More Top Gear for Designers Best printers for designers Best monitors for designers Best tablets for designers Best Huion tablets for designers Best...

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When looking back at 2019, there were a few trends to get exciting about. From 3D design and typography, Art Deco, and Isometric design to minimalism and open compositions, trends in this industry are rather unpredictable. Some trends like minimalism, color gradients, and heavy fonts seem to be here to stay for at least another year. But what will 2020 bring in matters of graphic design trends? Bannersnack recently peered into the major design trends to come under the spotlight in 2020, and they would like to share their findings with you. Graphic Design Trends 2020 Here are the 10 design trends to keep an eye on in 2020: Shared with permission from Bannersnack I was also asked to contribute to the article commenting on branding trends for 2020: “Branding goes much deeper than just a UI or logo design. Brands, at their core, represent something very specific to the user and that representation will be shaped depending on their personal experience with the brand. The best brands know this and spend millions of dollars fine tuning how their users feel & are emotionally moved by their products. For 2020, focus on going beyond design and create positive brand experiences:...

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Most organizations and individuals with an online presence should have a website as they provide an excellent way to reach people. Have you always wanted a website for your small business but are unsure how to do it? In this guide, we will walk through the steps web developers take when building a site. What’s good about modern website building is you can create an amazing web experience without spending too much money. Indeed many aspects are completely free, such as templates, content and much more.  It is important to know most beginners will just pay a developer to construct their website for them. However, if you are interested in the process, the following guide will help you avoid some frequent mistakes.  Ready to get your website started? Let’s go… Before starting, this is important: A quick search on Google will tell you there are countless website building and hosting services available. With hundreds to choose from it may seem daunting finding the right one for you. However, there are market leaders that provide a good range of services and features. These platforms include WordPress, Joomla, and Wix.  WordPress is undoubtedly the market leader with over 50% share...