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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.

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There’s often a lot of confusion about which files formats you need to give a client when delivering a final logo or branding package. You probably know that you have to give your client a variety of file formats, but which ones? Clients may frequently contact you asking for strange file formats or ad-hoc logo file requests. Print vendors sometimes use outdated technologies that require old and obscure files. You may wonder what all these file formats are used for and if they are even necessary. I can say with the confidence of experience — the moment you decide not to provide a file format in your logo package is the moment that your client will send you an annoying email asking you for that exact file. So don’t give them the opportunity to distract or upset your design mojo. Make a logo package that includes all of the file formats described below to cover all of your bases. Ok, but which file formats and why? I’m getting there, I promise. Logo File Formats Explained The issue with many file format explanations is that they get too technical. They dive deep and discuss things like lossless compression, bit depth, bitmap, […]

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Taking a trip in our Wayback machine, we came across our post for the best cameras for designers and believed it was time for an update. We wanted to present you with the best camera for creatives in 2020 in case you were looking to upgrade or even start a new side business. To get things started, we wanted to provide you with a handy shopping list for you to use before you buy your next camera. So let’s start there! More Top Gear for Designers Best laptops for designers 17 Essential Tools for Designers Best computers for designers Best budget laptops for designers Best printers for designers Best monitors for designers Best tablets for designers Best mouse for designers Best earphones for music-lovers Best microphones for designers Best office chairs for designers Best external hard drives for designers Best monitor calibrators for designers Best pens for creatives   What to look for when buying your next camera Sensor size Exposure flexibility and picture quality are highly influenced by the sensor within the camera along with the size of each light-capturing photosite on it. More light can be captured and recorded the larger the surface area of the photosite is....

This brand new bundle from DesignCuts brings you a wide range of quality fonts, from sans-serif to serif, brush, calligraphy, display and many more. 

Shhh! Wanna know the secret to building a remarkable brand? No, it’s not a pretty logo. No, it’s not an incredible product. No, it’s not your promise. A brand is your reputation. It is the sum of every interaction you make with your customers. It’s a person’s overall feeling with your brand. It’s a result. And to build a remarkable brand, you need a brand strategy. That’s the secret. For more on branding, I recommend Marty Neumeier’s books which I have loosely paraphrased above. Doing design without strategy is like driving a car without an engine. Sure it looks good, but it won’t get you anywhere fast. So what is a strategic brand? It’s a brand with a road map. A GPS. A North Star. This road map should provide a crystal clear direction on the brand’s route, ensuring you can weave through obstacles and have a smoother path to success. Consider your messaging, voice, values, purpose, personality, identity and brand story. Do they align? Can your customers relate? Building a remarkable brand is no secret. It’s simply the synergy of strategy & design.

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