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5 Clever Ways to Avoid a Creative Burnout as a Freelancer

This article was contributed by Abhishek Talreja. Most freelancers go through those dreadful days when nothing seems to work. Times when the creative juices go dry, and just about everything starts to bother you like an irritating little insect. You stare into the walls and empty spaces to understand what’s going wrong – the more you wish to get back to your real self, the harder it gets. Creative burnouts can be quite demotivating – often a result of multiple factors: long work hours, non-stop work, a lack of inspiration, and so on. What is Creative-Burnout?  Creative professionals are driven by their passion for their art. Burnout makes you lose interest in work – you tend to feel dull and feel like you lack purpose and interest. It can even stretch to a point where you start doubting your abilities as a creative professional and start thinking about alternative vocations. A strange sense of isolation takes over, where you stop feeling like interacting with anyone. You feel like escaping the situation and there is an odd frustration that overwhelms you. Don’t worry, you can avoid getting into the rut with some simple yet useful hacks: How to Avoid Creative Burn...

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