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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.

“Brand Specialist” Certification from Marty Neumeier’s LEVEL C Masterclass

On September 18 2020, I completed the LEVEL C Brand Masterclass with Marty Neumeier and Andy Starr, earning the “Brand Specialist” certification. Our team of 6 disrupted the university industry, innovating on the ‘broken’ educational system via Zoom calls and interactive collaboration tools. Over the course of the week, we came up with a new disruptive business model, worked on our purpose, core values, name, tagline, logo, identity, website and touch points and presented it to the other groups as part of the Masterclass, with feedback from Marty along the way. Our solution was a cause-driven learning platform that helps create a better future through purposeful education. Classrooms would be project-based and in pods, led by world-class thinkers & doers, which would develop critical skills that would benefit humanity and make lasting change. The course was based on Marty’s book, The Brand Gap, which challenged us to own the five key brand disciplines of DIFFERENTIATION, COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, VALIDATION, and CULTIVATION. Overall, it was a unique experience and it brought me back to my University years, working in teams and to an extremely rushed deadline. For each section...

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