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How To Create and Sell Watercolor Clipart Stock

This article has been contributed by KT Mehra and Joanne Green. When you hear the term clipart it might conjure up those basic, clunky looking images you can download in Microsoft Word. However, clipart is so much more sophisticated now. Demand for high quality clipart images is high and people will often pay well to have a beautiful painted design, especially if it is uniquely made for them. In layman’s terms, clipart refers to a digital image that can be downloaded and used in a variety of different ways such as a design on a t-shirt, coffee mug, sticker or on a webpage. What is Watercolor Clipart / Stock? Watercolor painting is the method, traditionally of using water-soluble paint on a canvas, to create anything from landscape scenes to portraits. Paints are usually blended with water to create soft brushstrokes that allow the pigments in the paint to blur and merge with other colors creating delicate and unique brush patterns. Watercolor clipart is the digital form of this painting medium, created either by uploading the image of the painting to a computer or using a specialized app to paint digitally. How to Create Watercolor Clipart There are several different ways to...

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