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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.


Hello! This is the 3rd week we are sponsoring THE COLOR ROOM and the next palette is up later today, but this last week’s palette was a really interesting one with rich reds, black and gold.  We just HAVE to share some of the layouts seen over at The Color Room – they are just fabtastic! Here’s what some of the TCR Design team did…

Layout by Eila Sandberg

Products used: Ballroom – Tango, Marguerite – Mocha.

* * *


Layout by Lindy Gillespie

Products used: Marguerite – Mocha, Silverbells.

* * *


Layout by Yuka Ogawa

Products used: Ballroom – Waltz.

* * *


Layout by Kerry Murray

Products used: Romance – Sweetheart, Naomi, Sugar & Spice – mixed, Ballroom – Tango.

* * *


Layout by Naomi Capps.

Products used: Plain Janes (& torn painted petals)

* * *


Layout by Solange Marques

Products used: Naomi.

* * *


Layout by Belinda Spencer

Products used: Ballroom – Waltz, Plain Janes, Naomi, The Tropics - Resort.

* * *

Please join us over at The Color Room for some fun!