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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.


Hi everyone! This month we wanted the girls to get really creative with their very own flavour or style of scrapbooking, so we asked each to create a project using their mostfavourite flowers from our ranges.  Let’s start with this layout, which you’ve already seen in the tutorial the other day, from the fabulous Joanne.



 Layout by Joanne Bain.

The BLOSSOMS are my favourite flowers as they come in a variety of colours and I also love the fact that they are smaller and come in 2 different sizes. They are perfect to use as they are or to build your own flowers as I have.
Products used: Blossoms – Avoca.
* * *
‘Dear Friend’ card by Linda Langes.
Linda says: “I adore the Sugar and Spice flowers because they’re so soft and light and you can fluff them up just beautifully on your card or layout. But, they also smoosh down when that card or layout needs to go in an envelope or album….just perfect!”
Products used: Sugar & spice - blue & pink. 
* * *
Next we have one from Monika – don’t you love the birght yellow!
Layout by Monika Martinson.
Products used: Kyeesha (World vision), Country Lane – Quaint, Taneisha.
Monika says: “It is almost impossible to choose ONE favorite flower from Manor House as I really love ALL of them. But if I have to the Taneisha flower branches would be my choice. They are perfect in each flower combination both in shape, color and mostly the size that fit perfectly on my A4′s!”
* * * *
LENE has created another stunner in that style we know from her so well.
‘Remember’ by Lene Neby.
 Products used: Cutie Pies – teal, Country lane – Quaint, Taneisha, oak leaves – light green. 
LENE says: I love the Taneisha & the Cutie Pies – they are both my favourites!
* * * *
NERRIDA had used some of our first release flowers for this fantastic double-layout.
‘Tell me a story’ by Nerrida Mitchell.
 Products used: The Tropics – Sunset, Islander & Seaside, Magestic – Gemma, Fantasy – Moonlight.
Nerrida says: My favourites are The Tropics – they remind me so much of where I love to holiday in Australia – the tropical north coast and I love the vibrant colours – something different for me as I usually use softer colours and PINK!
* * * *
Which are your favourite? Please let us know by way of a comment! We love your feedback.