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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.

YOU’VE BEEN SPOTTED-amazing artists

YBS Julie Hill

Hi and welcome! We are really glad your visiting today…lots to share from these amazing artists. yes, you’ve been spotted you clever designers out there and we LOVE what we see!

Julie Hill

Uses: Cameila – white, Sunflower – white, Ornate frames – cheval, mini roses.

* * *


YBS_Leanne Allinson_discipline_wm

Leanne Allinson

uses: Sprinkles – yellow, Vine – dark pink.

* * *


YBS- michelle frisby

Michelle Frisby

Uses: Winters song – Snow bird.

* * *


YBS cathi O

Cathi O’Neill

Uses: Winters song – snow bird

* * *


YBS Camilla Eckman

Camilla Eckman

Uses: Winters song, Chiffons,


ybs amy voorthuis

Amy Voorthuis

uses: Country Lane – Quaint, Fairy Floss – lemon, Whimsy- cream,


YBS michelle frisby

Michelle Frisby

Uses: Winters song.


YBS Patter cross

Patter Cross

uses: Gelato – blueberry, Beauty – cream.

* * *


YBS lyndsay

By Lyndsay.

Uses: Lotus – imperial, Mini glitter roses – caramel.

* * *


ybs brit CMag


Uses: Ruffles – Merry, Sugar & Spice – pink Springtime-pink.

* * *


ybs keren t

Keren Tamir

Uses:  The Tropics – Dusk, Mini roses.

* * *


YBS Evgenia Sokolinskaya

Evgenia Sokolinskaya

Uses: Winters song – Snowbird.