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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.


Hello Hello! Can you believe its the beginning of November already?! Hmm, time to make some Christmas cards (if you haven’t already started).  So we are here to help. This month, we are having a competition…a CARD competition.  We want to see your fabulous and inspiring cards made with our very own MHC flowers.

This week our DT girls will have lots of card inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Here are just a few, to get you started



Card by Erin Blegen

MHC products used: Ruffles – brights, Glitter mini roses – white and red, Capri – gold, Meadows – white.

* * *




Card by Linda Langes

MHC Products used: Starlight – large red and small white, Capri roses – gold.

* * *




Card by Karola Witczak

MHC products used: Capri – aqua, Starlight – mixed.

* * *


Card-making flowers, of course! 6 packs each for 2 very creative card-makers.


So here’s the rules:

1.USE MHC flowers!

* * * *

Yep – that’s it! Just make sure you use our flowers.

The competition closes at midnight on Friday November 30th, 2012. Send your entries along to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will showcase them here on our blog.