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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.


Jo altered box

Hi, and welcome to our blog today. You will be so glad you called in, as we have a very special treat for you from the incredibly talented Joanne Bain. Just take a look at these stunning creations

* * *

Joanne shares  ”This was one of those fake book type boxes that you can get to hide keys and other valuables in, in you bookcase. Well not anymore…lol. It is now what I call a Vintage Trinket Box.

I scraped a little of the glitter away from the mini roses to make them
a little plainer


JO box detail 1


JO box detail 4


JO box detail 2

 I turned the Rue – Watermelon flower inside out and removed the black stamens. This gave me a fuller flower that blended perfectly with the Winters Song blooms.


JO box detail 3

Vintage trinket box by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Winters Song – Fire Glow & Embers, Glitter Mini Roses – red & white, Mini Dahlia – white, Rue – Watermelon & Small light green leaves.

* * *

 This second, stunning project began its life as a hanging glass votive or as I would say a hanging glass Tea Light holder. Anyway when I purchased them I knew what I wanted to do with it and that was to make it into a bird nesting ball…lol. So it no longer hangs and is now firmly attached to a candelabra. I wanted to create a shabby icy feel to this one so I white washed lightly a lot of what went onto it.


JO.. tea light holder


Jo tea light detail 1

I have used the feathery Fascinating white bloom as the floor inside the glass ball. I scraped away a lot of the glitter from the Capri flowers, I then painted with gesso to give them a soft wintery feel. I also pulled apart some
of them to make some smaller flowers by scrunching them


Jo tea light detailo 2

I pulled apart the Winter Song Ice Crystals White flower and used only the bottom section and nestled one of the Capri flowers to the centre so it was not quiet so big. I also slightly white washed the blue Dahlias to tone them
down just a little so they would blend nicely with the Winters Song Snowbird bloom.


jo tea light detail 3


jo tea light detail 4

Tea light holder by Joanne Bain

MHC Products used: Winter Song – Snow Bird & Ice Crystals, Mittens, Ashlee – Blue, Capri – Blue & Silver, Dahlia – Blue & White, Fascinating – White & small leaves.