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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.


card combo 4

Welcome to our blog! Wow, we think you’ll just love these cards because the colours are just inspirational…..take a look at these combinations – just SOOO pretty.

Lets start with this gorgeous colour combination of more unusual colours, yet Elena has made them work an absolute treat together.





Card by Elena Olinevich

Products used: Felicity layout pack.

 * * *

A card from Beck with warm tones of brown/gold but also splashes of orange, crimson & yellow.


card combo 3


Beck card 1


Beck card 1a

Card by Beck Beattie.

Products used: Gelato – yellow, Shades – fuschia, Lazy dayz – orange, Peacock feather: yellow/gold.

* * *

A luscious set of colours here from Nerrida – golds & purples.


card combo 2   


card 2



Card by Nerrida Mitchell.

Products used: Cameila – purple, Capri – gold.

* * *

This card From Beck uses bright and cheery colours of fushcia, purple, pink & teal.


   card combo 1


sugar and spice card full


sugar and spice card


sugar and spice card detail 2

Card by Beck Beattie.

Products used: Shades – fuscia, Gelato – Cherry.

* * *

Why not give your colour combination a go. You could come up with some stunning results. And if you’re not so that way inclined, a petty piece of paper or even a flower pack might get you going in the right direction. Take a look on our website at our LAYOUT PACKS and CARD PACKS which are already mixed together for you!

Too easy!!