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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.



Yep, our vines are just climbing off the shelves…ok, well they are disappearing FAST!!! Every store seems to be ordering them and we almost ran out at the expo!  And we can see why…they are just so easy to work with, and our Design team girls can show you how.

Nancy has used hers here as a base to build upon and add more flowers too, underlining the main photo. She has split in into 2 pieces to make the leaves pop out both sides of the arrangement. SO pretty.







Nancy has use the LIGHT PINK VINE here – one of 8 colours!

Here’s a gorgeous layout from Gwen who also used the vie to underline  photo with and then bulk it up by adding a few extra flowers around the base, but this time at just one end of the vine – clever.





Notice the shimmery berries on the vine – gorgeous.



The  layout is finished off with some of our GLITZ and SWEETIES flowers – a mix of sizes always looks great on any layout.



* * *

Next is a 12 x 6″ layout from Heather. Fabulous isn’t it?! So simple, yet so striking.


My Literary Journey 1

This is something completely different. Heather has made this into a piece of artwork with her clever use of colour, adding the ultimate finishing touch – a flower vine. Simple and VERY effective.


My Literary Journey detail

Layout by Heather McMahon.

Products used: Vine – purple, Glitz – pink.

* * *

And lastly, but certainly not least, Alicia has shown some designer flair with this gorgeous chalkboard for her daughter’s room.


Alicia chalkboard 1


Alicia Barry, chalkboard 2, July


Alicia chalkboard 3

Chalkboard by Alicia Barry.

MHC supplies:
Goose feathers: Gatsby mix, Razzles: pink, Sunflower: white/pink, Vine: light pink, Little Sweeties: white, Teeny Weenies: white, Shades: fuschia, Gelato: cherry, Rose leaves: large green, Poetry: white.