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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.


Hi everyone!!! JOANNE here, bringing you a little tutorial on how to create these gorgeous little roses using
To create these roses you will need - 4x MHC Blossoms, scissors, tweezers, glue (I use Helmar Premium
Craft Glue) & a skewer or small paint brush.
* * * *
STEP 1 -  Blossom 1 – remains whole and untouched.
                Blossom 2 – Cut between the petals to centre of the blossom only (as shown top left)
                Blossom 3 – Cut one petal from blossum (as shown bottom left)
                Blossom 4 – Cut two petals from blossom (as shown bottom right)
STEP 2 – Now only on the blossoms we have cut you will now need to use your craft glue and overlap the petals.
For example, your four petal blossom once glued with petals overlapped will become a three petal blossom
as shown below.
STEP 3 - Now using your paint brush handle or skewer, roll each petal on allblossoms.
STEP 4 – Now it is time to start building your rose. Get your whole blossom this is the bottom layer
of your rose, apply glue to the centre and attach your four petal blossom (as shown below) and so on
until all blossom layers are attached. Remember to stagger your petals so that your rose remains full.
STEP 5 - Now you need the single petal cut from your blossom. Cut will need to roll this around
your paintbrush handle/skewer as shown below. This will become the centre of your rose.
STEP 6 - Now attach this to the centre of your rose.  I find it easier to use tweezers to help attach
the centres as they are so small and fidley.
Your rose should now be finished and look like the rose below.
Well I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and I am looking forward to seeing your creations using
Manor House Creations blossoms.