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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.


Hello to you all. Today we have an exciting announcement  – we have a new EDUCATOR Which we are thrilled about!


Mixed Media


OK, so we know you have already met Melinda before but have you seen her talents with mixed Media??? She is amazing and we here at MHC wanted to make the most of this, so we have asked her to join our Education team and be one of our ‘LADIES OF THE HOUSE’.

So without further ado, here’s Melinda to take over.

* * *

Hi there everyone, its Melinda Thompson here from the Design Team and I am excited to give you a little step x step in altering this gorgeous ‘Mascarpone’ bloom, which I have used in my layout titled Kindy 2011 for Palette 107 at The Color Room.
Step 1….
I have used a couple of different styles of white flowers on my layout but I will show you how I altered the gorgeous new flower….Mascarpone! Love all the twist and turns in these lovely petals, it really makes for an interesting flower!
Step 2….
So to start with I love using some sort of mist as a base and because I am a little addicted to my Shimmerz lately, I decided give the flower a ‘light’ spray with some Heavy Metal Shimmerz.
I was careful only to give a few pumps with the spray as I didn’t want to colour the whole flower.
Step 3…..
Next, I wanted to used some TA Gold Glimmermist to give the flower more of a ‘goldy’ feel to it.
Lift up all the petals making sure you get in underneath.  With the blending of these 2 colours, it gives you a rich caramel colour.
Step 4….
Because this colour palette screamed all things gold and sparkly, I added some Shimmerz Enamelz, Molten Metal. So while the mist was still a little wet, I just got a little of the Enamelz in my fingers and sprinkled over the flower.  Then I tipped the flower over to shake of the excess.
Step 5…..
So once this was dry, it still looked a little dull to me to I grabbed some Shimmerz Pearlz (Sunny) and a fine paint brush and just lightly and randomly went over some of the petals. This put a little more colour back in the flower as well as give it a pearly/shimmery look. I also dug out some good old Kindy Glitz.  I put a little on my finger and just dabbed in on in a few various areas.
The ideas and ways to alter flowers are endless.  The main thing to remember is there is no mistakes and just to have fun…you will be surprised with how they turn out! I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial.