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There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.


People usually tend to reserve flowers for girly layouts and cards only. But, who says that we cant use flowers on boy projects too. I personally have five children, four of which are boys, but flowery layouts are my absolute passion, and why would’nt they be, with all these beautiful MHC flowers available.  But there are only so many layouts I can create of my only daughter, before the boys start feeling left out, and start complaining, so I have had to learn how to combine my love of flowers, with my need to create  more masculine layouts.

Below, are some examples of ‘not so girly’ flowery layouts, featuring our gorgeous boys.

* * *

Karen has used this cute paper range, and created a summery, garden setting.



‘Sunshine and happiness’ Layout by Karen Shady

MHC products used: Sprinkles -cupcake mix, cutie pies-mauve (altered with spray ink), leaves-light green meduim.

* * *

Melinda has created a pretty pink layout, but, with the addition of touches of bold black, and a little grunge, she has managed to pull it off as a masculine layout.




‘So loved’ Layout by Melinda Thompson

MHC products used: Cutie Pies (misted black), Winter Song – Fireside Glow, Frosting, Blossoms, Morning glory.

* * *

Joanne’s very ‘boy’ layout, features some gorgeous big flowers, that Joanne has managed to blend so beautifully with the very masculine paper range, and embellishments.



‘Listen to your soul’ Layout by Joanne Bain

MHC flowers: Winter Song – Snowbird & Mittens.

* * *

So, there you have it. Flowers can be just as beautiful on a masculine layout, as they are on a pretty, girly layout. We hope we have inspired you to step out of the box, and try some flowers on your next boy layout.